Horse height query!

I am really keen to go and see a Merens for sale who looks great on paper - 10, papers, hacks alone/in company, lives out 24/, fine for beginners etc… but she is 145cm…

I am in a bit of a quandry as I am 5.5 and thought id suit a 150/155cm horse best. I just dont want to look or feel to big on her!

Any thoughts appreciated! :slight_smile:



They sound just like my dog, a Samoyed - also very stubborn! :slight_smile:

Im going to Domaine de Sie, nr Mirepoix and there is one called Haras Picard du Sant - is that the one you went to, in Lasserre?

Thanks Therese, that is exactly the description I expected of them :slight_smile:

I have been reading about them for months and am going to visit an elevage in the Ariege on Thursday (not to buy as v pricey but they have said I can go and just learn about them)…

I am quite gutted though, as the owner of the Merens I am interested in has decided not to separate his 2 Merens mares as they have been together since birth…unfortunately I cant take 2 so he is just going to let me know if his situation changes. I completely understand though and its nice that he is bothered.

Fingers crossed another one will come up :slight_smile:

Merens are smashing little horses, good all-rounders and 145cm is more than enough for someone of your height. It all depends what you’re used to and what you want to do with it; Dressage haute-ecole and bars of 150cm + is not what they’re built for, but randonnee, hacking out, driving, etc. no problem. Yes, they can probably be a bit stubborn, but I think that goes for all small horse/pony types.

Thanks for the advice Trudy! :slight_smile:

I am dying to go and see this mare, she sounds lovely. One of my friends has a Merens mare and she is very stubborn.

I like the idea of the calm nature, surefootedness etc as I will sometimes hack along and it is not flat here and also dont want to overhorse myself!

When you say about it being hard to convince yours sometimes, is it just a matter of him not moving/being stubborn, or is he flighty/spooky?

I am so excited about this :slight_smile: