Horse on loan or to ride

Hi everybody
Have just joined your group. I have a beautiful white PRE stallion, 158cm and 12 years old. He hasn’t been ridden since the summer because I don’t have the time and also I have developed a bad hip through gaining a lot of weight :frowning:
He is quite happy in his field alone but I feel he is also wasted. I would like to put him on loan for 6 months or find somebody to ride him.
He is exceptionally kind and gentle, he has never covered a mare and knows his basic 3 gaits and also is very clever. I took him for some dressage training for 3 months to a local school and he was incredibly quick to learn. He has no vices or problems.
He hasn’t seen a lot of traffic, but the few times I have ridden on the roads, he is fine - although the drivers around the small country lanes we have outside Bergerac don’t have much respect for horses unfortunately.
If I found a really good home for him, I would consider selling also.
Let me know if you have any ideas please.

Hi Margaretha

Thank you for your contact and interest. I have not heard anything further from Cathy, so I'm not sure if her friend is still interested. He has never lived with other horses, I don't know how he would behave in a field together with your ex-stallion and females. It would be wonderful though for a good rider like you to ride him, he's very responsive and intelligent (although green). I think you are around 150 kilometers from Bergerac?? I don't have any transport either. Maybe it would be a good idea for us to visit you first - when its convenient with you. Your horses look beautiful, healthy and happy :) which is all I want for my boy.

Hi Cathy

Happy New Year !!
Ok, that's good, he's looking wonderfully well, he lives out all year with a huge field shelter.
He has a bit of hard food December - March and that's it really :)
Look forward to hearing from you. He really is the kindest horse I have ever known and in
my 40 years of horses, I have owned probably 25 or so. I also have around 10 big bales of hay
that could go with him if you have transportation to take them from here.
Nia x

p.s. where is she based?

Hi Cathy

Thanks for your reply, sorry not seen it earlier, been a bit manic up to Christmas.

My email address is - you can write to me when convenient.

He did a bit of jumping cross-country with me last year, it was his first experience

and he loved it (only tiny obstacles though). Not sure if he would be suitable to

accompany children on rides - he has not been worked out on the roads much and

certainly not with other horses, except for a few times with an old gelding my

friend had. He was no problem, so it would be up to you to judge this. Where are

you based? I would love for him to have the opportunity to be ridden by an

experienced person.

Kind regards