Horse owners Adoption papers lost

Four months ago I accepted to adopt a horse which had been retired at the local riding school. I have asked for the adoption papers several times but have now been told they are lost. Although my insurance company say I don’t need proof of ownership I now understand that I am not covered in the event of an accident as the horse is on my property. I have sent a letter to the riding school insisting I have the right paperwork. I discovered that the horse is still registered with the riding centre. I have been given the carnet with date of birth, sire, vaccination history, identity number for puce etc. Will à letter from the owner confirming that the horse is with me till end of life be sufficient? She is a Selle francaise age 26. I am afraid that if this owner has done something illegal he will take her back. This riding school often sends horses on for dog meat if no home is found.

Every French horse is registered with the National Stud. You also need to be given the horse passport, nothing else is good enough. That is an EU requirement!
You can contact the National Stud for the situation, perhaps you can get a duplicate set of papers!

There is a slip (Carte D’immatriculation au Fichier central des chevaux (SIRE) at the back of the carnet (passport) which the owner keeps when the horse goes to livery or to stay with someone else. This is because it is necessary for the carer of the horse to have the passport so that during transport or a visit from the gendarmerie guardianship can be established. Now, this slip is signed and dated by the owner when a change of ownership takes place, and you send it off to Ministere De l’Agriculture et de la Foret, Service des Haras. There is a fee to pay depending on the breed. So I would go back to the equestrian center and ask for this, without you cannot claim ownership.