Horse Products

Hi Everyone,

I'm doing a bit of market research for myself and wondered if all the horsey people could answer a few questions and ask their horsey contacts to do the same please.

What horse products do you buy most?

Do you prefer good quality second hand products or cheaper new products?

What items do you never buy second hand?

For those that live in France, what items do you have the most trouble getting or can't get and would like to?

Thanks ever so much.


Hi Liz,

I'm so so sorry you must think I'm really rude, for some reason I thought I had replied to you and I've just been going thought the site and realized I didn't, please forgive me! Thank you so much for your answer, I miss the pony size products too. Luckily we make our own hay, but it is true last year there wasn't much about. People think I'm mad too as I sometimes pick my kids up from school on the ponies but when I said to one of their teachers "Have you seen the price of petrol!" he thought it was quite funny!


I am in France with 8 Fell Ponies

What do I buy most UK pony food chaf any mixes without oats. Have very little grass summers are hot and winter until this year dry

Good tack shops with pony size items I miss, I ride and drive ours, a half decent lead rope would be good the list could go on

Do buy second hand when I can, saddles are another problem area as the Frnch buy for the rider not the pony

What do I like being able to ride and drive where ever I like the friendly people, know they think we are mad, why are you driving a pony when you have a car?

The farmers who helped so much last year when hay in short supply, keep stock for us etc

More show would be nice and some help

Liz English S W France

Haha, can relate to the 'husband/divorce' scenario - I have to keep horsey stuff to a minimum, he can only deal with so much! I have a 20yr old anglo-arab and now part own a 5yr old oldenburg/selle francais both are geldings and showjumping horses...though the anglo arab has retired now! I have to 'share' them with my daughter, but at 16 she is becoming less keen, especially when it comes to the mucking out.....

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your answer, every answer I get really helps me. What horses do you have? I have a New Forest, a Shetland and a pony mare. I bought the New Forest years ago and then I started having children and they kept trying to nick him off me so I got ponies for them as well but I carried on having kids so I still haven't got enough ponies but if I think if I get any more my husband will divorce me:)


Hi Beckie

in reponse to your market research I buy:

food/anti-fly/worming products most often

I prefer good quality 2nd hand products rather than cheap new ones

I would never buy a hard hat boots/chaps or jods 2nd hand (unless not previously worn)

I don't have a problem getting most things I need here in France as I buy mostly on-line or go to Decathalon

I hope this is a help.....


Thanks very much for your reply Brian.