Horse Theft in France

One of our horses had part of his forelock cut off between feeding times at 17h last night and 09h this morning.

We have been told this is a way horse thieves mark their targets for their collection crews.

Is anyone in the group aware of this type of activity or had similar experiences?

We live in central Brittany, Dept 22 between the towns of Corlay, Rostrenen and Mur de Bretagne.

I have heard of this happening to target horses to be stolen in the UK, so perhaps it is catching on here too. Horrible for you, take care.

Oh Graham I have a feeling that there is something in this although it is quoted as an urban myth. We have had to move Jess's horse from where it was and you know where we live. The horse was on a field with good grass at the end of a drive and the farm is up for sale. When Mike and Jess went to feed the horse hay one night approximately first week in January they spotted a car in the driveway, when they turned up the car drove away, and returned twice having done a mile circle. I do not think they were lovers I think they were horse watchers. Our horse who is usually easy to box and to catch had been very nervous for about 3 days.

We padlock our gate now at night and when we go out - I would advise caution myself and please let us know what happens there is not enough communication going on about these issues and let's face it large horses are very interesting for the meat markets in Italy and further down in France - sorry to be brutal.

Best regards.


PS if it is just some stupid right of passage for youngsters to cut forelocks this would still be a concern as would your insurance cover you in the event of the horse trampling the offender?