Horse trailer / large trailer wanted

(Hazel and Gary Bailey) #1

Looking for a french registered horse trailer or large trailer. Has to be french registered as it seems a bit of a problem to buy a UK one and transferring it over - unless anyone can give advice otherwise.

Please let us know if you have one for sale.

Thank you.

(Kathryn Dobson) #2

Yes it’s Fr reg as we have Fr reg cars and as I understand it, mixing Fr reg cars with Eng reg trailers etc. is a no-no.

(Hazel and Gary Bailey) #3

Thanks for advice, seen some bargain non reg ones locally but seems its illegal to tow them if you have a french plated vehicle. We are looking for a secure trailer that we can store stuff in and thought a horse trailer would be perfect. Kathryn, is yours french reg? I’ll give the insurance company a ring on Monday to check legalties.

(Kathryn Dobson) #4

It can be expensive to register - I think Ifor W charge about 300€ now for the paperwork and more if it is over 10 yrs. How far are you willing to travel? We’ve got an IW which we are thinking about selling but are up in 86…