Horse with itchy neck and face

My daughter’s horse, a Cob Normand, has been rubbing his neck and has bald patches. I have looked for the tell tale signs of lice - none. Ringworm - no not the same. It started as a circle on his face (which made me think Ringworm) but when you treat it for the same it does not get better. It’s not pustular or scabby or scaley but he is definitely itchy - any ideas please. The patches are down to his skin where he has rubbed away but the skin is not red, it sounds awful but it is not it’s just concerning me as to what it is.

Hello - did you ever work out what this was? I have two horses in the UK that suffer sweet itch and we keep them both in fly rugs all summer and give them NAFF d- itch supplement from about Feb - November - when it gets really bad they have benzyl butinate ( don’t think that’s spelt right!) - anyway we will continue to have problems whilst we have midges. I was wondering if this will be a problem that just gets worse when we eventually move with them to France - any ideas? I mention the condition because on the pony it always looks like little round patches on his face but much more severe and scaly on his mane and tail. On my mare it is always on her mane and tail and drives her mad if it gets hold, hence all the prevention measures!

Could be boredom or stress - sorry couldn’t be more helpful - maybe its time to call the vet in to have a look…

The thing is they are not scabby at all, he rubs himself on anything he can find, and we have tried to remove everything. It’s just his neck area in long strips where he has rubbed the hair off and one batch on the top of his front foreleg. He had rain scald last year but we treated that and it is not fungal, we cannot find any lice or mites. He has a thick woolly winter coat and we have now removed his waterproof (for the last 3 weeks) just in case he was overheating but no change, the hair does grow back. It’s a mystery to me. Do you think it could be some kind of stress through boredom - but then surely he would not just have it on his neck.

my TB had something similar last year in October - R they a little scabby??? it turned out to be mites in the grass in one of tthe paddocks at the livery yard - once he moved to another paddock he stopped itching and scratching - but they weren’t very bad…

hi patsie
try looking up rain scald…our horse has a patch on her side we thought ringworm.then looked on the internet found the symptoms for rain scald.