Horsey Group meet up

(Catharine Higginson) #1

Morning all!

I'm just off to a 'foire au cheval' down the road from us in Pouillon. Never been to one before

so I'm not quite sure what to expect....

Anyway I will definitely be going to Pau this year so I thought it might be a good idea to start organising the get together now as it will be on us before you know it!

How many of you are up for coming along? How many potentials? And which day?

Bonne dimanche!

Catharine x

(Martin Sheach) #2

Yep sure no problems got a lot on over the next few weeks. Got a show every weekend just now until the end of July and we have friends and family coming out for a holiday but I am sure we can work something out.

(Jenny Lupton) #3

Had to keep editing my spelling (as I mentioned on your blog, I’ve lost the capability since coming to France!!)

(Jenny Lupton) #4

Please, photos would be fantastic!
If you see anything specifically nasty, such as a wound, or a very poor/sick horse, a trick is to stand a human beside what you want to photograph, and then angle in on the shot of the animal. If they see you actively photographing a problem, the horse will be moved and you’ll be watched.
If you are anywhere near where they park the lorries, a photo of the bigger trucks with reg nos (again with strategically placed kids!) might be a help too!

Awful about the bull, and the attitude … :-((

Thank you so much!

(Catharine Higginson) #5

Hi Jenny
Sure thing, shall I take my camera? Am going armed with kids so can take pics with impunity (James once got a great shot of a not yet dead bull being dragged onto a pick up for a feature I was writing about bullfighting . We got away with it as I told the security guy as it was to show the kids as they wanted to see the ‘toro’…The sad part was that the guy thought that was completely understandable as obviously all small children should get to see bull fights…)

(Jenny Lupton) #6

Catherine, if you wouldn’t mind taking a mental note of the types and conditions of the horses, that would be a great help! I’d expect a proportion of heavies and Iberians there, but have little idea about the wefare issues in that region.

I hope it’s not too horrendous…

As for Pau, I’ll be there, just not sure whether I’ll have a trade stand or be enjoying myself!

(Catharine Higginson) #7

Fabulous! So we have a meeting point and somewhere to dump our whining children…:slight_smile:

Also I tried emailing you via your site and couldn’t about coming over? If you add me as a friend on here we can private message. James and I would love to invite ourselves for a BBQ session chez vous. We’ll bring the beers! Cx

(Martin Sheach) #8

I will be at Pau for the full duration of the show on my trade stand selling my showjumps and offering my horse transport this year it is the first weekend in November.