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I have to go into hospital for a couple of weeks, and would like a private room. My mutuelle covers this, can anyone advise how/when you arrange it, and if there is any useful info that is worth knowing for my stay.

I will also have ongoing daily visits to hospital on discharge for several weeks, I have read somewhere that I may be able to claim mileage for travel if I decide not to use taxi service but can’t seem to find where I read this, so again any info would be most grateful,

Hi Jen,
sorry to hear the news but most health companies like you to clear all expenses with them in advance. As you have the cover for private room then they will probably happy to arrange this for you (if only to ensure that you have a private room rather than an entire wing).
I’d suggest calling them and letting them take care of this for you, particularly as you will have other things on your mind.

Good luck,

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Hi Jen

Your mutuelle will provide you with a prise en charge hospitalière confirmation document. My mutuelle lets you arrange it online with a few clicks. You simply present this to the admissions office at your hospital - the hospital will take things from there based on your insurance allowances (e.g. amount per day for a private room, treatment, meals etc etc). You can of course top-up any services not covered by paying directly.

As for medical transport - it really depends on your GP (MT) and what s/he is prepared to prescribe for you - either for ad-hoc transport or that linked to a declared ALD (Affection de longue durée). You can indeed claim for personal mileage.

Ameli - Ad-hoc Transport

Ameli - ALD Transport

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Jen, you will need to book your private room before admission.
If you are at a Centre Hospitalier they will have a proportion of private rooms, but a private clinic will have a greater proportion of single rooms.

Thank you