Hospital vs Clinique?

So is there any difference, We have been offered treatment in each and I notice that often a regional centre will have a selection so what is the difference?

Yes, I too have had two stays and preferred clinics. For same reasons as you.

My wife oer the past ten years has had two hospital (one a stopover) and two Clinic visits and we would plump for clinics every time if it is practical. medically speaking. Better staff, more caring, more polite and more helpful sums it up to me, and the premises are more appealing as well.

If this is due to the profit motive then so be it.

Conventionee means they adhere to the state tarifs, non-conventionee means they can charge whatever they want. Check what your mutuelle offers to see how much will be covered - this where the 200%, 300% etc comes into play.

Just one question. Does it matter if they are 'Conventionne or non-?

Quote >>" Normally the remboursements are the same."<<

Hospitals (centre hospitalier, centre hospitalier regional and hospital local) are stat-owned institutes, mostly linked to the "commune" or a group of communes. They are supposed to be non-profit.

"Cliniques" are either non-profit (usually having a back-ground as a charity, religious or initiative from a co-operation) or profit (usually a structure were several medical disciplines and practitioners come together to share the medical infrastructure.

Hospitals, certainly the regional ones) do offer a full range of medical treatments. The simple and local hospitals might be limited in that sense. The number of services offered by clinics is strongly depending on the medical staff that is present.

Besides these you have also the CHU, the university hospitals.

The quality of all the services offered in these institutes are regulated by the same laws and regulations and qualifications for the staff. But you can always ask around you if there are particular problems with the hospitals and clinics in your area and decide then where to go.

Normally the reimbursements are the same.