Hosting and Domains

I am in the process of choosing a host for my website and wondered if anyone had any views on this. I have received various recommendations including OVH, 1and 1, fatcow and simply names. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

we use OVH - have always found them reasonable and fast to respond to queries. Our server runs on OVH and we use their telephony - european calls for up to 1 hour for only 1 euro a month!

I've tried HOSTPAPA for a week and it's even more confusing than ecowebhosting.

In fact I have just thrown in the towel and decided to concentrate on the free sites that offer templates & when I get my refund I'll just upgrade to their paid for services and try that..

I don't want to do this, because I thought I was capable of working out how to do it myself, but the terminology is far too frustrating to learn and everyone seems to have a different way of explaining everything. It's a big nightmare that I have had enough of for now so that's that! My advice for anyone without a degree in IT is to avoid bothering and concentrate on whatever the business idea is and simply save up and pay someone else who is an IT geek and can comprehend the stuff. I'm not a technophobe BY ANY MEANS I've been using PC's since they were invented, but hey," FTP/HTML/HTM/SSLQ/CEO/" AAAAAAAGGGGGRRRR!!!

£8.50 GBP Annually!!!!! Blimey, that's cheap. What's the service like?

I have just taken the plunge & made the jump from ecowebhosting to HOSTPAPA, which has a green package for under a hundred euro for 3 years. watch this space, (when it's in existence !) hope it's esaier to use than the last one...........................

I have been told that Dreamhost is good, anyone tried it?

Hello if you're looking for a free site to start with I use both and and weebly are definitely better, for ease of use and greater flexibility with designs, more space to have a sales area for free and much more storage space for more pictures. Just easier to use all round.

I have a green trading policy so I have a greener professional "paid for" site for a new project I have on the go.

I chose ecowebhosting, however, although they answer all my problems very quickly, they don't solve my problems. their site graphics are appalling and as I am not a web designer I have found it impossible to design a suitable site after 2 years of custom. I am going to cancel my contract and now try HOST PAPA, who appear to offer the best green deal and also offer free sites which appear to have good looking and reasonable designs.

would love to see more on this subject

Have been using for the last 14 years and have found them very responsive when things have been a bit difficult! If you are building a site from a template then try who offer name rgistration, hosting, email and direct links to Facebook.

I was with who were extortionists with inflated promises that were never kept and the only bit of their service that worked was demanding prompt payment of bills. I have compared notes with other people and concensus would be to stay very far away from them. 123-reg after them was the proverbial frying pan into the fire which ended with me telling the dickhead I was in contact with on a service issue to stuff it up his **** and for all of them tof*** off and beleive me I rarely get rabid like that with anybody.

Hi Steve, I started with 123-Reg, as a recommendation from some who benefitted from 're-sales' discounts and found them impossible to get hold of. Awful service. They have been taken over several times, my personal view that this is virtually a Pyramid scheme thinly disguised as an ISP.

I have used here in France but their support is poor.

I have just had to switch a site from 123-reg in the UK as access to the site was very slow for anyone using BT as their ISP and they were not interested in helping sort out the problem. I moved the site to vidahost who have been superb so far.

perhaps not for you Louise, but I use GoDaddy for 20 sites, the CEO is pretty non PC and the 'cross marketing' is annoying, but the service is spot on.

I need a site for work and will probably need to update content

beware. there are nice offers around. after year one that changes and also offers of big, big 10GB for the price of 2 and so on 'shrink' mysteriously. If all you need is a blog then think about that. also bear in mind that a well managed site can take a lot of time if you are regularly updating and changing content.

I want to have visitors from English speaking countries and also from France (with the site in both languages). I haven't got the domain name yet.

Which country are you looking to get visitors from ? Do you already have a domain name ?