Hot cars can kill!

If folk have enough brainpower/gumption to drive… how can they not understand the effect of heat in a car… :zipper_mouth_face::pensive:

This is just one of many stories… and every year… folk do the same thing…regardless… so sad, so stupid.

Cretinous irresponsible people, such a hideous death as well. They should be forbidden to have animals.

Amazingly enough… they do this to kids/babies as well… words (almost) fail me…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It always amazes me that people want to take their dogs to the supermarket and then leave them in the car while they go shopping. What is that about? They try to park in a shady area but even then the car is way too hot. Just leave the poor buggers at home.


The warnings go out every year…pointless loss of our four legged friends who don’t sweat the same as we do…the only way they can dissipate heat/sweat is through their paws and by panting…I also hate to see dogs being walked round town centres in sizzling temperatures…hot pavements and tarmac burn paws…I’m possibly over cautious with mine but when it’s hot I take them out very early morning and late at night…no playing ball…wet towels at the ready for them to lie on (rarely needed) and homeopathic belladonna and aconite at 30c at the ready should they display any signs of overheating…

Conversely shaving a double coated breed thinking it might help keep them cool makes them even more prone to overheating…

Surprises me that our ‘jet black’ labracollie often chooses to lie, on a bit of concrete in full sun, obviously staying there until it’s unbearable :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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May have the same mind-set as those folk who think they must get burnt to lobster-red to prove they have been on holiday :zipper_mouth_face:

Bless ‘er…mine are comfortable around 25 degrees…when it gets into the 30s then automatically I change their routine…mine are always right there into everything I’m doing…soon as I get up from a chair then they’re up and ready to follow me eagerly anticipating what we’re doing next even if it’s only a trip to the bathroom…!

Today it’s been around 23 degrees and mostly sunshine and we spent most of the morning outside…me trimming “the wilderness” with a pair of shears and them one either side rounding up the grasshoppers…they have to be in…lol

I love the heat and the sun and given the chance I’d sunbathe whatever the temp…but…the couple of times I thought I might give myself an hour on a sun lounger they promptly sat either side of me and within 5 minutes I was worrying about them as I know that if I laid there all day then so would they…so I don’t do it…and come to think of it I never leave them in the car anyway whatever the weather…x :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you need a doggy parasol :dog::dog:

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