HotAir Ballooning 2022

did anyone see these ???

Belfort this weekend (not my photo)

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Those are actually miniatures attached to the tree :joy::joy::joy:


Love watching them Stella, they pass overhead most fine days.

This one was hiding behind the trees this morning.

In another life I used to be part of a team which built hot air balloon baskets.



This one is escaping though



You have ruined my day! Bit like telling a kid Santa Claus doesn’t exist :cry:

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Billy proved you right! And don’t worry father Christmas does exist :rofl:

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Slightly different - a friend of mine used to ‘catch these’ as his job :smiley:

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good grief… hope he didn’t drop many… (or any… )

Lol - he had a wonderful (if physical job) and got to travel the world as they tried to sell the product. sadly the company evolved into something slightly different and I believe they are no longer based at Cardignton

After many failed companies, they eventually came out the other end as Hybrid Air Vehicles, still using the Cardington site.

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