Hotel or Place of Accomodation?


We own a house in France. Might need to go over 90 in180 so we are applying for a visa just in case.

Going through the form to the section titled :- “Name of hotel or place of accommodation” I have input our address.

But then I have doubts because I am asked:-

Funding of travel costs

Means of subsistence
Accommodation prepaid
Transport costs prepaid
Traveller’s cheques
Credit card

most of these options infer we are staying at accomodation for which a payment is required.

Or am I overthinking it and should just tick ‘cash’ or ‘other’?

Thank you for any advice


well, as you won’t be paying yourself… it’s got to be “other”…

do they really not give you the chance to tell 'em you own a property in France… perhaps you missed clicking “other” for that

Is the form in French? As worded a bit oddly and sometimes things are lost in translation?

However, the question is about funding of travel costs. As one of the requirements for a visa is to show you have enough funds to support yourself. It doesn’t read as a single tick questions?

If there are other questions about your financial resources then this question is S/O.

Thanks to both @Stella and @JaneJones .

Yes the form is in English. I have been back over the form several times now and cannot find anywhere that allows me to say we own a property in France.

JaneJones - you are right, it is possible to tick any or all of the funding tick boxes.

Appreciate your input - next step is the french embassy - there must be many in the same position as this.


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be interesting to get your feedback on this… and the French Embassy

good luck

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Surely you are overlooking the fact that you need a reason to get a visa - you can’t just extend the 180 days because you want to. Visas are therefore issued for very specific purposes - which would not normally include the applicant having their own home in an EU country. Funding of Travel Costs therefore becomes an item that the relevant Embassy needs information about.

Yes, but the reason can be tourism.

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Thanks, Billy - although I think it will be “Private Visit” that applies in this case. The online long-stay visa Application is then quite clear regarding ‘accommodation’ - the OP just has to provide proof of their title to their holiday home. He also then has to supply copies of his bank statements. The French Embassy needs to establish that the visa applicant can fully support themselves for the length of the visa, without resort to the French State for help, or seeking paid work. The only answer on the list Graeme has supplied would therefore seem to be ‘other’.


There could be some confusion in these notes between the reason for the visit and where the applicant would be staying.

The first questions asked is this . (The words in brackets are those that appear when the help? is clicked):-

Your plans – (Help - Why are you making this trip?)

Family or Private Settlement
Family or Private Settlement (minor child)
Professional Work Placement
Return Visa
Taking up official duties
Talent Passport – International talents

Which of these did you select ? It seems to me that you would be ‘Visitor’ and funding would be ‘other’

Agree with ‘Visitor’.

But funding could be cash?

I have not had time to pursue this further, because of the time limit between submitting an application and visiting the embassy. When back in the UK I will progress.

Please fill out the application online form and save it successfully within 15 days from the moment of account creation. As soon as your application form is completed, book your appointment within 10 days. Please follow the given timeframes, otherwise your data will be automatically deleted and a new registration will be required.

Attending TLS offices in London on Tuesday next week, with a pile of photocopies. Applied for "Between 3 and 6 months stay in France " visas.

Visitor / cash


thanks for the update…

good luck…

We have 6 month visas!


Well done!.. now get over here asap… relax and enjoy…
(but do make sure you read the small print and that you don’t over-stay by even 1 day…)

Thank you!
Not a problem. Just before expiry of the visa we come back to the UK. Then when we next go back to France we are on the 90/180 scheme, so we can stay for rest of summer - if we wished to.

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