House and Potty Training a new arrival

Over the years, I've heard so many varying opinions of the best way to train a puppy or older new member of the family (hopefully from a refuge!). These can be anything from putting nappy pads on the floor to maniacally rustling newspapers every time the dog crouches or lifts its leg.

Too often, people can become frustrated with their new little friend with the result that the poor animal becomes even more nervous and accidents more frequent.

For anyone thinking of adopting a new dog, what methods have you found that work the best?

So true Judy - just like kids!

Hear hear! And spot on from Johnny too.

Excellent advice Johnny. I think sometimes people forget or don't figure in the time you need to devote to a new arrival. Somehow they imagine the dog should know the rules in advance, or at least pick them up within the first day. They're very quick to learn if treated gently, and kindness definitely wins out over aggression.

I think it's always easier as well if you've got another dog who can show them the 'house rules' When we adopted Whisky last month he basically knew the procedure but I could see him watching Sasha when I'd tell her go pee-pee and he'd traipse along behind her and do the same. Now he's 80% there. And you're right - praise always works much better than punishment. Much the same as kids really! Speaking of which, Twerp's happy because I told him Flora was okay. Unfortunately he's desperate to go to the SPA open day tomorrow and I know what he wants but I think 4 animals are enough!

Always managed with our pups with minimum of fuss - plenty of newspaper down, make the area smaller and closer to the door - Congratulations when they do, but never, never punish for performing in the wrong place. Put small dog outside at regular intervals with the command to 'weewee' or whatever, and lots of love and fuss when they do. Occasional accidents later didn't get punished, but made it clear that it was not the right thing to do. Try and remember the equivalent human age. Oh and tell Shaun, thanks for caring about Flora - she was fine.XX