House Hunters France, an estate agent on the buyers' side

Thanks to Survive France for this opportunity to advertise our business (and passion). My company’s name is **House Hunters and we are located in the regional parc of the Brenne, in the Berry region.

For those searching for a house in France, we don’t sell houses. Sorry:confused:
What we do is supporting the househunters either for the full search & buy process or just for a specific action as listed below.

  • Pre Purchase (everywhere in France)
  • Property finding (e.g. find non-advertised properties / viewing & reporting / support your viewings )
  • Location assessment (e.g. B&B local market review)
  • Property survey (e.g. valuation / renovation estimate) and price negotiation
  • Conveyancing supervision (we are certified French estate agents)
  • Post Purchase (As of today only in Pays de la Loire, Centre-Val de Loire, Auvergne Rhône Alpes and Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur. Our network is expanding constantly)
  • Renovation and property improvement (e.g. coordination of selected local craftsmen).
  • Interior design and project planning.
  • Property maintenance (e.g. pool maintenance contract supervision).
  • Tourism service (e.g. guest reception and cleaning services for B&B).
  • Re location and administrative orientation service (e.g. brokering insurance).

Feel free to visit our site at for more information

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Some welcome clarification; many Brits are confused about an estate agent’s Duty of Care (“devoir de conseil”) - they pay the fees, but are never sure in who’s best interests the agent is working. As a fully retained buyer’s agent this clarity is introduced. If you need a Chartered Surveyor in the northwest, please feel free to get in touch. Best wishes.

Hi John,
Thanks for the message. Could you send me your details for an easier contact in the future.



Hi Christian,
Thanks for responding - I think the clarity of House Hunters is admirable and should prove popular with Brits and other (international) property buyers looking for sound advice which is unquestioningly intended to help them, and is not influenced by 100% commission-driven salesmen, and women.
I operate as a Chartered Surveyor in Brittany, preparing Reports for English-speaking clients who want to know about the true condition and character of the properties they are interested in; also to anticipate likely repairs and other matters requiring attention in the short /medium term. My fees are paid by the buyer and my findings are confidential to them; whether they use these to negotiate purchase prices or to obtain cost estimates from artisans / contractors… or simply to be reassured that the property is in good condition.
My business is called Brittany House Surveys, although I cover much of north and west France according to clients’ requirements - I was in Saint-Emilion last month, and frequently survey properties in Mayenne and the Pays de Loire. The business is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ( which establishes our professional credibility.

The basics are set out on the website: and the best way to contact me is by email to: or telephone: 02 97 38 50 90.
Very briefly, I have worked in property for over 30 years including periods in France / Paris for companies like D.Feau, Jones Lang Lasalle, Barnard Marcus and Royal Life Estates. I enjoyed buying and selling Haussmanien buildings in the central arrondissements! In addition to a fair fluency in French, I have some basic skills in Italian and German. For my American clients I simply change the spelling preferences on my computer.
I will look forward to hearing from you as occasion demands, but please feel free to get in touch at any time - many of my clients appreciate an explanation of the purchase contractual arrangements and obligations rather than a simple translation into English.
Best regards,
JohnJ.F.O. SNELL BLE MRICSChartered Surveyor