House insurance issue

We had a window crack in a storm earlier in the year. We went into our insurers, who said yes we were covered and they rang a window company who duly came to measure and give us a quote.
When we didn’t get the quote a few weeks later, we went back in and were told these things are slow in France.
We chased it again a few weeks ago and the lady who spoke English, has now left. The one taking over said she would look into it. We have retiurned again today to be told there is no record of a claim and we are out of time, even though we were never asked to fill out any forms and the original woman made the call for us.
Is there anything we can do? Your thoughts of any action we can take would be appreciated.

Hello Michelle
If your insurance company rang a window company who duly came and gave you a devis, then try contacting the window company to see if they have noted that it was your insurers who 'phoned on your behalf. A long shot but sometimes when devis are asked for by an insurance company then the ‘providers’ make a note, (mainly because they know they can charge more) and get away with it ! Good luck.

Thank you Ann, will give that a go.