House/mas for rent (long-term) in 30 or 34

We are looking for a long-term rental, ideally a house in a semi-rural location, in 30 or 34. Period: from summer 2023 onwards.

Any offers or pointers, please send by private message. Thank you!

Hello renters! I need some help deciphering ads for rental properties. If an ad (say, on leboncoin) says “CC” or “charges comprises” or “XX EUR de charges”, what would that entail? Usually an amount is stated and it appears to me comparatively low, so I assume this does not mean power/water/internet etc. What would this normally mean?

Second question: the ads typically have very few pictures and never of the outside. Is there a legal reason for this?

Thanks for any help.

Probably because its shit inside and outside

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Agents don’t want you to figure out where the property is located to prevent direct approaches to landlords cutting them out of the deal I suspect.

That too. :slight_smile:

In my experience, many ads on leboncoin have few pictures and very terse descriptions to the point where it’s often hard to figure out exactly what is being sold. I often have to ask further questions. Why don’t people put the dimensions of furniture for example :rage:

Hmm… seems to me you’d be advised to send your enquiries to the folk/Agents asking 'em to clarify…

thus you’ll soon weed out the hopeless ones …
Rule of Thumb (from my own experiences)… never assume anything… always make sure every little detail is clearly written… and that you do understand it all… :wink: :wink:

best of luck

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I am just looking at this stage, rest assured I have my head screwed on tight here! I was just curious about the apparent substandard style of some of the ads. The agency ones are actually not too bad; it‘s the private landlords who seems to think that providing no more than three pictures of the same empty room from different angles (although the property has several rooms) is a good way of ramping up interest.

No ideas about the CC/charges and what they typically cover?

You might be better off approaching the various Mairie’s in the communes you like the look of. They usually have a portfolio of properties to rent and you never know, they might have something suitable. Usually a lot more reliable than private landlords (not that I’m saying there aren’t any very honest private ones :wink:)


Charges comprise/non comprise usually applies to flats. These are the “charge locatives” -ie the costs of the communal parts, a cleaner, lights in corridors, water to wash floors etc. Not usually very much. However our flat that we rented out these also included the flat’s proportion of the communal heating, so were higher

At the moment there seems to be a real demand for rentals, so owners don’t have to do much. Equally so many scammers and seriously bad people that the fewer details about the property the better - especially if it is empty people are afraid of squatters.

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With long term rentals utilities aren’t usually included, tenants normally set up their own contracts and get the bills in their name. Not always but that is what you would expect unless it says different.
As Jane Jones said, as a rule landlords can be picky about which tenant to choose rather than tenants being picky over which property to choose. So they know they do not have to try too hard, they will get enough enquiries and probably more than they want, even without photos.

When a property is advertised through an agent, in my experience the agency will want to vet you before they will even talk to you about a specific property. Which takes so long that the property you originally enquired about will have gone in any case. So if you spot an an agency that regularly offers the sort of property you are after, it might be an idea to register with them upfront.

Thank you Mark, that is an interesting piece of info! Seems the mairies are much more the hubs of everything than, say, here (I live in Germany currently, where they’d rather you never came through the door ever).

Thank you Jane for your info on the charges. I suspected that, but was not sure.