House sit available s/w France 22. 6 - 20. 7. 2016

Hi everyone, we are leaving our house for a month and wondered if anyone would like to house sit it for us, have a bit of a holiday, and feed the cat, whilst you enjoy the sunshine. We are situated in Mazamet in s/w France ... close to Castres, Albi and Carcassonne is just over the hill. There is a train to Toulouse - 14E. Lots of lovely nature walks, cycling, lakes for swimming that sort of thing. We are situated in Mazamet a small town with good facilities, shops etc. Its a big house with a garden. Anyone interested please let me know.

Im adding the dates in this message - its in the heading too...

22.6.2016 - 20.7.2016

cheers Majena

Hi Majena,

Yes we are still interested as the dates are very good.


Hi Majena

Yes the dates were in the first post. My sister and partner are definitely interested and the timing is perfect. Please let me know in due course what you decide.

Thank you


Thanks everyone for your replies, I'm getting around to answering you all and just noticed there was some confusion re the dates - they were posted at the heading but I understand its easily missed

22.6 - 20.7.2016

Bonjour Majena, I see there is lots of interest. I am potentially interested as well especially if over Easter. We have a cat as well so know all about them:) will need a cat sitter as well. We are possibly looking to relocate/second home if possible, so would be good to have a base. Easter holidays would suit if possible.

Hey Majena... What are the dates that you want the house sat and the cat fed?

Hi Majena,

We might be interested as we are considering a move to the area. When would this be for? We are 2 very slightly early retirees.


I'm the owner of this villa (copy and stick this adress):

Good luck

Best regards


Hi, I live in Puisserguier and my sister and partner live in Spain but are looking to move to France so could be ideal - so they could have a base (will have a car) and then look at areas. If you are still looking for someone, please let me know and I'll pass this on to them. Thanks

Hi Majena, I am available. I have a lot of experience in housesitting and have many references for you to view. I’ve relocated to France and am traveling around researching various areas to call home with SW France being the top of my list. Having an opportunity to housesit your home as well as spend time in the area as a ‘local’ would be the perfect match for me. I am very reliable, honest and trustworthy and would look after your home and cat as if they were my own. Looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested in chatting further.

Hi Majena,

What a pity that your message came in just after we have arranged our accommodation in Mazamet. In any case, what time period are you considering, just in case we can accommodate you?


Alan & Pam

Chancer! :-)
How much would you pay me to crew for you?
(I'll actually, gladly do it for nothing...)

Hi Majena, You shouldn't have to pay someone to do your house sit. I have done several of them, it's just a free holiday with a couple of jobs thrown in. If someone stays a long time then you could charge them for electricity.

Hi Majena,

~When were you thinking of going on holiday?

Hello Majena, if the offer still stands I would be happy to house sit for you. I love cats and I am a non smoker. I already have plans to take the TEFL course in the south, therefore if I can get free accommodation for house sitting that would be great.


We've been using them for years and have never had any problems. It's usually well heeled (and really nice) folks from the States or Antipodes touring Europe who do house sitting here and there for a stopover. They usually house/pet sit for nothing and you can ask for references etc..

Good luck..

never heard of house-catsitters getting paid but try your luck ;)

I could probably squeeze myself into that timeframe. Am excellent with animals, non-smoker, and house-trained. 500 euros. Have my own transport. Deal ?