House wanted

Hi all, I am looking for a long let rental in or around Grasse. 3 bedrooms minimum. From June until October at least

If replies are lacking here… try the Mairie close to where you will be working… and/or ask whoever will be employing you…

Thank you and I will.

Have you considered searching Airbnb? You can look for long term stays there as well as short breaks.

Hi, yes I have thank you. It seems a little more expensive that way. But I will carry on looking for a bargain.

I think bargains are sadly very rare in 06. I lived just down the road from Grasse in Mouans Sartoux over 20 years ago… the prices were bad back then, but today they’re eye-watering. Hope you get lucky.

What about some of the holiday sites with chalets/mobile homes etc? Rent might be less than a bricks and mortor building.

I can afford up to2K a month, I would prefer a proper residential building. I looked at the Camping in Grasse near Auchan… Too noisy… Its a holiday park. is what it is.

Mouans is nice, i was there a couple of weeks ago. I will find something. I have to visit the Prefecture in Nice next week for CDS…