How annoying

Firstly DH wanted to watch TV much later than me so I was nice and did (really enjoyed it though tot be fair!) but now wide awake (2nd wind) PLUS a bloody mozzie has bit me on the forehead so trying desperately to ignore it but keep scratching so I’m going to look horrific tomorrow! On the upside it is school holidays as of tomorrow (sadly, not a moments peace / me time for the next 8 weeks!) so not many people, if any will see me!

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Ouch! You have my sympathy Tory, having rather smugly said that I rarely get troubled by any biters or stingers, yesterday I got stung by one of those pretend wasps. Don’t know exactly what they are called, they are like wasps but don’t make any noise and habitually build small nests in the door jambs of cars. I know there is a big one in the rear hatch and another smaller one in the front passenger door, and I don’t trouble then and they don’t bother me, but yesterday had to leave the dog in the car for a while so left those 2 windows open which open outwards an inch or so on the rear sliders. It was only when I got home and went to shut these windows that I noticed several of them coming my way. One landed on my arm and, although I batted it away immediately, it stung me.

Not serious, the pain goes away after 5 or 10 minutes but it is annoying because I have lived and let live these little blighters over several years, even safely ushered them from the house on occasions rather than killing them. Now I am contemplating how I can remove them from the car. When inside they are no threat because they are sealed from the interior when the door is closed.

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Last year I was in the kitchen at the table and felt something on my leg and brushed it away.
It was a wasp and it hung onto my finger and stung me again on the same finger, the one with my rings on.
The finger swelled up so much that I had to call 18 and they made an emergency appointment for me, it was a Sunday of course, and a very nice doctor, who said she was not very good at DIY, held my finger whilst Jim operated the wire cutters.
It had been three hours and she said after six she would have been cutting my finger off instead of the rings.

Oh I remember that Jane! What happened, were you able to repair your rings?

Worth remembering to take all rings off if you get stung - especially if on a hand or finger.

Did the doc do anything to try to get the swelling down and get the ring off intact?

Seems to be less mozzies around this year around here. Would it be due to the increase in frosty days last winter ?

I have not found the jeweller in Cluny to be very good and I didn’t want to send them to Munich where my daughter has a very good jeweller who works for herself.
My neighbour is now going back to Lyon a few days a week and she is going to take them to her own jeweller for me.
Fingers crossed no more wasp stings.


If it’s dead centre you could big it up as your third eye

OMMMMMMMMMMMMM… :expressionless:

You may already know about this Tory, and I’m not sure if you can get it in France, but from my time living in the Caribbean (Turks & Caicos Islands) I found the best thing to soothe mossie bites was Benadryl gel (it contains an antihistamine).

Alternatives include Anthisan cream and tea tree oil or cream.

:mosquito: :mosquito: :mosquito:


My mind is boggling and I’m feeling a bit queasy…

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I don’t wear jewellery of any kind, and despite 2 marriages, am still here to tell the tale. :rofl:

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