How are spys recruited?

What do we know about the secret lives of a spy?

A spy was found dead in his bath in his Pimlico flat.
Surrounded by unanswered orange wig,

cosmetics and ladies designer garments. Isolated in his

own secrets? Or retaining dark and dangerous details which

brought him to the darkest place of all.

Where do they advertise David?

In the gay news? I guesse that the stlylish garments, make up and wig are part

of an essential disguise.

Very clever?

You do realise don't you Barbara that all this will be read in Cheltenham by those valiant defenders of liberty at GCHQ? Best not to ask questions. However in the past it was necessary to go to a decent Oxford or Cambridge college. Cambridge seemed to specialise in recruiting for the Soviets and Oxford for the SIS. Thus the Cold War was simply the continuation of the Boat Race by other means. Now I believe both MI5 and MI6 advertise their vacancies which does spoil all the fun.

Well maybe it is my time....getting mighty difficult with LCL.

If I told you I'd have to kill you...! ;-)