How are you coping?

We’re doing fine in lockdown for now, we can both work from home for the time being at least.

What’s your situation looking like?

Photos of your environment??

Living in the country has made things so much easier, er indoors has drawn up a huge list of jobs at home to complete as work has is now confined to grass cutting etc, the good weather is also a big plus.


I just finished a job this morning, so I see myself being at home for the foreseeable.
I shop in the village where possible as I don’t fancy Leclerc…

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Raced back from UK last Tuesday, so being very careful as don’t want to be Typhoid Mary. So basically not been out since, apart from daily walk…


All’s Tickerty boo in the Wozza household, We work from home more often than not, though I travel all around France from time to time in a professional capacity.
Haven’t been to a supermarket for the last 3 weeks as haven’t needed to.(No!!! For all you out there in SF land. No panic buying chez les Wozza’s) (Mrs Wozza loves to go shopping, I think for the fun of spending money & getting me to put more storage space in my house plans).
Plenty to eat & drink in the cellar for the next month, tins & jars of confit & of all sorts thanks to many trips to the SW & family that lives in le pays Basque & the gardens.
Maybe en chomage technique in the next few weeks at 84% of my net salary, so may have plenty of time to do some serious work on the house. Getting e-mails from professional building merchants saying I can order by mail or via my account & deliveries are not a problem.
We have 2 gardens full of veggies (we have been practising permaculture for as many years as we’ve had the house).
Bonus for Mr Wozza, his nearest neighbour has a brewery & is open on the weekend, if not I can just call her & hé presto the organic homemade beer is delivered.

On the funny tragic side of local life, on the night the lockdown was announced a couple of old boys (over 70’s) I was having a drink within the local bar, asked me if things get bad would I look out for them & their families, I told them, of course, I how could I help? The answer to my surprise was meat. They went on giving me details of their private arms collections ranging from small sidearms too high powered rifles, divers shotguns & ammo,’ but not new’, they said! I’m now dreading the day when they turn up with a van full of rusty old weapons & with Wehrmacht 1941 on the shell casings.


All too frequent, I’m afraid, from personal experience. My ex-mother-in-law (D) had a WW1 German rifle under the bed, wrapped in jute and oiled, with ammo. Also had a snubnose .22 handgun with box of shells. No idea what happened to them, after she died. Assuming that my ex-wife disposed of them somehow.

Business as normal as we can make it!
kids going mad at home, otherhalf too!


In between home office, it’s paint the house time (Exterior) and hiding in my workshop with the grace of my beloved broom driver to finish of the build. Plus any other jobs that get pushed my way.

I see the locals are out in force. :grin:

If you are still working from home and missing the background noises of the office environment - download this to play while you’re working…
Just unmute and adjust the sliders as you wish:

Sounds like my kind of girl! :laughing: :gun::laughing: :gun:

Playing it by ear

Is that taken from your property in Polruan?

No, from my walk around earlier

My roots are in Fowey.

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