How British are you?!


(anon64436995) #21

LOL Mark, even if that remark of yours is a bit below the belt, typical London foul play, ower kid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Carol Lokocki) #22

i am a sheffield…er, left at twelve years old but my heart is always there and some of my cousins are brummies.

(anon64436995) #23

Keep your chin up, Carol. It’s good that so many people here are thinking of you and wishing you well as you face what has to be faced, and do so in a stout-hearted Sheffield way. The spirit of Sheffield embraces you, you are still a child of that place however far you may have wandered, or so it seems to me.

I am unlikely to return to the place where I was born, but in my core some part has never left; you too, perhaps? And some mark you made will never be erased… :smile:

(Carol Lokocki) #24

hi there Peter you are making me cry now and it does me good to cry and the same time to keep ones chin up.and to face what has to be faced. good on yer Peter

(anon64436995) #25

:+1: Good on yoom Carol

(Maxime Sorin) #26

for my 30 years old birthday 3 years ago, my father offered me a Crombie covert coat.

That is my sexy british side. Every time I wear it, I feel the need to say “god save the queen”