How can I find the "Type Mine" for my vehicle

Our Toyota Hilux sailed through its Controle Technique today, another step towards getting it immatriculated.
We did stumble on the admin side of the CT, the test station and I had no idea what the “Type Mine” is. He had a good stab at guessing then manually completed the fields.
Is there anywhere that one can look up the official French Type Mine designations by manufacturer, model and version?

Thanks Anna.
Only one problem with that site: It does not list the Toyota Hilux :frowning:
I should have said that I had already come across that, but the entire Hilux model range is absent. It seemed to me that it is an incomplete list.

HI Martin

D.2.1 on your V5 would/should show the “type”

What does it say on your “certificat de conformité” ???

(If no CoC… I suspect you may have to go the DREAL route. It can be done, just takes time and effort.)

I have CoC, in fact I have 2. The original that Toyota supplied me with, and a French duplicate :blush:

Great news that you have the CoC… well done.

Friends with a 2010 Hilux Invincible… were not so lucky… but they got there in the end. :zipper_mouth_face:

Several of that sort of vehicle are registered as cars in the UK but trucks in France. That might explain why it is missing from the list.
The people who have trouble with Toyotas and Mitsubishi vehicles are usually trying to import a grey import, a vehicle not built to conform to European regulations.

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Thanks David. Fortunately, that is not my case. The vehicle is an official UK suppli ed vehicle.
Toyota were the quickest manufacturer to respond with a CoC. BMW were the worst, it took them over 9 months to send one for my motorcycle, again an official UK vehicle.

Any thoughts then, looking at my CoC as to what the “Type Mine” might be?

Sorry, I’ve no idea. When I got a BMW CoC it was through BMW Park Lane and they were very quick.

After 2004 “type mine” was relaced by section D2, D2.1 as mentioned by Stella.…100.100.0j1…1…mobile-gws-wiz-serp…0i71.NY4kA3TMfEg%3D#imgrc=vXn8UMH3LGittM:

It looks as though something has been lost in translation as well, it would appear that the Type de Mine stopped being used s while ago and was replaced by the CNIT. It’s quite possible that the tester referred to the Type de Mine when meaning the CNIT. Everyone refers to the Carte Grise but it’s not called that now either.'identification_du_type

You have it! UnderD2 variant you have the number KUN26R PRMSYW. This is the type mine (a phrase still used today in the trade) & comes up as “Toyota Hilux (KUN 2.,35) 3.0 D-4D DPF AWD Pickup double cabine 171 cv”
To check the validity go to & on the first page you get a 3 options to find the type of car to buy parts for. Window 3 says " Par carte grise ou vin?
Indiquez le type mine ou le numéro de châssis (VIN)"

David is right, the CNIT number is slowly replacing the old type mine number but older cars still have this number on the carte grise. It is not universal yet & type mine will be about & accepted for some time to come.

Thanks Mark, and everyone else, for your answers.

We did try “KUN26R PRMSYW” in his computer, but it did not find it. we also tried “KUN26L PRMSYW”, the code for the left-hand drive version. That too was unknown.

From what I could see of his application, the Type Mine is required in order to populate a few fields on the screen. We tabbed through each one and manually filled them in. Poor soul, computer usage seemed to be something he reluctantly accepted as part of the job but was not comfortable with. Scrolling meant looking at the top of any list, then at the bottom. Anything between was just ignored.
The vehicle passed, and I now have my CT sticker in the windscreen. What happens to that when the registration changes to a French one I do not know. Plenty of time before ANTS get around to doing that…

At least you have the c of c, so you should be good to go!
Your vehicle is classed as a commercial vehicle - CTTE.