How cool is your house when it is hot outside?

Our is 24c at the moment… and feeling just right… especially when walking on the tiles in bare feet… :relaxed:

It’s currently 35c outside and rising… (it was 39c yesterday)

We are keeping all windows shut…and the sunny side has the shutters “on the blink” ie half shut…to keep the sun off…

Over night, we leave windows open with shutters shut… this lets the cooler air circulate through the house…

So how are you coping ?

Apart from some north facing Velux windows in the roof my house still has its C17th and C18th window openings and very little summer sunshine enters the building even with the shutters open. If I was at home it would be @21 degrees, cool and refreshing. As it is I’m over at the coast sitting inside a boat where it is much too hot and sticky. I wish that I was at home :frowning:

It was sweltering at Jarnac… our English friends had all the doors and windows open… so… no respite… they would not listen to my pleas…:wink:

Brits on holiday… love 'em… :hugs::relaxed::roll_eyes:

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All shutters closed so pleasant enough indoors, but upstairs too hot so we’ve moved to a downstairs bedroom.

People who come to stay with me rarely believe that keeping the doors and windows shut keeps the house cool.

Meter thick stone walls, plenty of insulation in the loft windows open (with screens) at night, cool :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

34° outside, 22° inside now, 17.30hrs :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely agree about silly brits opening house up to try to cool down - common sense says hot outside will equalize with cooler inside.
We keep shutters and curtains shut in most rooms , and I find that, if you get up early enough and check the inside and outside temperatures you will often find a 5°C or 6°C lower outside temp. which you can take advantage of by opening up windows and doors for an hour or so, until the inside temp. stops falling.


38° outside, 24° inside, 1400hrs :slightly_smiling_face:

Same here Bill…it was about 3pm…

Although I see some clouds, just tufts on the horizon… and the barometer has fallen… perhaps next week’s promised rain/storms will arrive… have to wait and see.

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Drives me slightly crazy with the gîte. I explain to people about closing velux blinds, curtains, shutters, on the south side especially, during the day to keep house cool - which it does as a stone house with stone floors… I notice that they aren’t doing that and have windows wide open with no protection. And then they complain that they are too hot…

Absolutely wonderful on the terrace, just in, to go to bo bo’, at 00.30 ish, still cooler, in than out :+1:

Just checked the max/min thermo… outside yesterday it hit 40c in the shade dropped to 21c overnight… so not a “heatwave” as such…but still hot enough…

Thankfully, the house is still deliciously cool… (with no bats indoors).

I’m all for having the shutters wide open, day and night. I like daylight in my house, and I like to see the stars at night. It might make it a little warmer, but I can always put a fan on.

I know one person in the village who has lizard blood in her veins. :grinning:

If the weather is boiling hot… she is out in her garden, working away… or washing windows… very energetic… when all I want to do is curl up in the cool.

Her house will have doors, windows and shutters wide open…

If I mention how hot it is… phew… she simply grins and tells me it is just about right… :grin: … she reckons it is something to do with her Spanish ancestry…