How did the thieves do it.. unseen?

How come no one saw, heard, noticed anything…

Did the Thieves possess several of Harry Potter’s “invisibility cloaks” … ?? :roll_eyes::thinking:

Seems they were audacious enough … to… .take their time… :unamused:

Someone must know about this. Lead is heavy so there would have to be a whole gang doing this.

It’s amazing what can be stollen without people noticing. A local soft furnishings store had a display bed near the doorway, the linen , duvet and pillows all went. There was also the six foot purple hippopotamus although that was soon located !


The stupid thing is that they will have to put lead back on the roof because it is a Grade 1 building.

Actually It’s quite easy-especially at a country church. They turn up in a white van-put on hi-vis vest and a hard hat and hey presto-workmen inspecting the roof. In plain sight. I worked in a large supermarket and as managers we were told to always challenge anyone unknown in a hi-vis vest. It was one way thieves worked-knowing all warehouse people had to wear one as did visitors working in the store.


I think this theft happened at night.

I was in Morrison’s car park with my nephew once. He is a postman and had his post office hi vis jacket on. As he took my trolley back a couple started bombarding him with complaints about the trolleys and the car park. He couldn’t convince them he didn’t work there so just walked back to me sat laughing in the car.

This ones tried a few times in one day…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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