How do I change my surname on French Covid vaccination certificate?

My wife has her maiden name on her certificate, which does not match the name on her passport.
I have contacted ameli but they are just giving me the run around.
Anyone know the correct way to have it changed ?

Somebody posted a similar question/answer in this topic a short time ago…

see my post Probably best to show your Titre de Sejour if you plan travel until this is sorted - which may be never

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Wot post?

My wife has the same problem. The European Vaccination Certificate has her maiden name, although my surname is on her Carte Vitale, and the French certificate they gave her has my surname NÉE her maiden name, Her passport has her legal name according to the marriage certificate, i.e. my surname-hyphen-her maiden name. We asked at the vaccination centre - they said they could only give in her insurance number and that’s what came out. They told us to take it up with the CPAM. The woman there said this is normal practice, and there will be no trouble going to another country as long as her maiden name is included in her passport. All very confusing.
The CPAM also insists on calling her by my surname (nom de famille), not the name on her passport - “This is the way we do it in France”.
Best to see the funny side of it, I suppose!

the one I linked to in this topic…

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…but a French Doctor’s signature and stamp wouldn’t be much use when you’re confronted with a picky German border control who wants a valid European Certificate.

other suggestions have been forthcoming including production of your CdS with both names on it… and a photo as further confirmation. Just smile sweetly :wink:

I am now a french national. My QR code has my nom de jeune fille, my passport a married name. However, the certificate one is given has both names on it. i am assured by the CPAM helpline that on production of the certifcate paper with both names, I wil be ok.

My OHs titre de sejour only has Her married surname on it, as does her UK passport. Her European Covid Certificate has her maiden name.

Driving licence? That’s in a woman’s maiden name? Alternatively, I’ve been carrying around a photocopy of my marriage certificate. That should work!

My marriage certificate is in Welsh. That should be interesting !!
Edit: Her UK driving license is in her married name.

Yes, they usually are - mine was, but when I exchanged it for a French one, they used my maiden name!

Have a ring back hard folder with: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce papers if applicable, CdeS, driving licence, Carte V, EDF bill, passport, picture with address and arrival date in France signed by Marie, …and anything else of use, keep it handy, never go far without it and let any inquisitor look through it, they’ll get bored eventually.!!

Who’s she? :face_with_monocle:

Charlie’s aunt.