How do I create a members page on my website?

I’m launching a waste-for-art group called GRABART scrapstore and I’m looking for volunteers, but this week, am desperate for help to put a members page on my website.

I have tried searching for “how to create a free/easy members page on my website” and various other combinations, yet can’t understand the gizmo-speak. The advice all seems to involve knowledge of either html or php or blah blah blah using expensive software and many days of input beyond my reach.

and yes. I am blond.

All we need is a page that members can join for free and view a simple alphabetical database of scrap for art, with a picture for each item and a short description. We don’t want members to see who other members are, there’ll be a separate forum for that, it needs to be a private account page for each member with a link from the items they choose to their own basket.

Am I barking up the wrong page? perhaps it needs to be a shop page rather than a members page?

My website is hosted by ecowebhosing and I have no idea what software they use, except I know that I have to learn what FTP is soon, or I’ll go “pop fizzle whib!!”

Thanks Nick, I saw Joomla! and was tempted to download it, but got distracted by the list of open source programmes on the Wikipedia page for ‘website design software’ and Joomla! wasnt on it. I did download Amaya, but it looked a bit labourious. I use word and photoshop regularly for artwork but this webs stuff is an entirely bigger kettle of fish.

I know your request does sound simple on the surface, but there are many factors that can affect what is need to be done.

Your best and easiest bet is to use content management system like Joomla, if you provider supports it, which will make setting up a whole range of features on your site easier.