How do i create an online tax account?

With only my father telling me about the changes for the old taxes foncieres and habitation now becoming one, i cant even get to fill the form as you need an online tax account. I cant go over to my local office before 30 june 23. Ive had no letter or email about it. If theyve sent a letter to my holiday home, that was stupid as im not there.

I think TH is still due on holiday/2nd homes

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I think they’ll consider that your problem, not theirs. I’d get it sorted if I was you.

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How are they supposed to know if/when you are there?

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Is there anyone nearby who could check for post and scan or forward it to you?

They usually send everything to england. Bar 2 weeks thats where i am

Unfortunately not. They would need a key to get in box.

Thats what im trying to do

Unlikely. A screwdriver can usually prise them open without causing damage.

And what has your action plan been so far? Apart from calling the Authorities stupid?

Thanks for no help. Have nothing that helps, say nothing

Full details on how to set up an online account as a non-resident can be found here:

It’s pretty straightforward…

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Insulting the Authorities isn’t helpful. That’s my advice.

I found that too and hv filled it in. But i dont hv an income tax fiscal number. So ill do some ringing up tomorrow. Thanks for your help

That shouldn’t be a problem as the page tells you what to do in that case.

However, if you can possibly get to France for a couple of days and visit the local tax office that would really help. You can phone or email to arrange an appointment.

Do you know your local tax office? If not, I’m sure someone here help could locate it for you if you give us your approximate location (code postale or local town).

Yes i do. Im going over end of month, so will phone and make an appt

That’s good - but do bear in mind that the final dates for declaration d’occupation is 30 Juin. Any later than that and there may be financial penalties.


I have just acquired a number.

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I hv filled itcin and emailed a copy of my passport. Will they send a number?

That’s what they did for me. Took about a week.