How do I declare on French Tax form UK lump sum pension

Hi All,

Having lived in France for the last 6 years I have gone grey but managed my own tax affairs reasonably well. That is until 2015 arrived and not only could I draw my state pension but also a private pension, which although not enormous, I decided to take as a lump sum. I was taxed at source by HMRC but after much toing and froing managed eventually to reclaim the tax via the form France-Individual under the DT Convention SI 2009. Now the question is am I capable of negotiating this years tax form?

I understand that there are 3 or 4 different ways of declaring the lump sum to the French tax authorities including splitting the income into the next 4 tax years which seems a sensible way to proceed. Does anyone have any idea how to go about this. I assume I use Box 1AT as I believe that the sum can be taxed at 7.5% but how do I explain to the French authorities what I am doing?

Before I bite the bullet and approach an accountant has any one else any experience or advice.

Thanks in advance