How do I get to Carcossonne

My dream of becoming a home owner in France is getting closer. Moving from the UK many years ago to Australia was great and never regretted but my dream of a house and home in France was always there. Now in my later years I am able to realise my desire. I have been working on my ownership of some French soil/habitation for some time and now i am closing in, with many many thanks to SFN.

I am currently a temporary resident in Leeds and i need to get to Carcossonne or a close airport so that I can view a property. I was dissapointed with the info from the France mags re air travel.

Can anyone tell me the best way to get to Carcassonne or close by, Toulouse or Perpignan etc.


Sounds like a great arrangement to me

Unfortunately its the key to the house being left at the wine-shop, not the other way around - the boring bit is I don't have a key to the house with me here in Angola but we got quite friendly with the owners of the local wine-shop (purely through discussing Shakespeare etc - honest ) and as I arrive when the agency may not be open, Sonia is going to leave the spare key with them - see this is part of the reason I like Sonia and Trebes

Thanks Steve, will go see Sonia and will do about the key but how can a key to a wine shop be a boring story mm.



Agency is Acces Immoblier and while I dealt with the Trebes office, I just noticed they have a Carcassonne one as well !!

The agent we dealt with was Sonia YAMNAINE and their details are: Phone 0033 (0)4 68785320, email; web page:

Ask for Sonia specifically as she really was good and I'd like her to get the business - tell them its a referall from the fat old Australian (and ask if she has given the key to the wine shop yet - long boring story)


Hi Valerie and Steve, thanks for the advice, must say I was a tad frustrated last night as I hed gone through the Ryanair web site right to the end and then it rejected my credit card details as it did not like my post code. I didnt check JET2 tho. I was about to jump on my push bike and head down. Steve I would be happy to have the agents details.



There is also an airport in Carcassonne itself, but I'm pretty sure its only serviced by Ryanair - have a look at their site for schedules/departure points. I dont know England that well but they leave from a few places there. Easiest way to check is to go to their site and choose Carcassonne as you departure point and it will then show where you can fly to, obviously you just reverse that once you know where you can therefore fly from. (But dont sign on for their email offers specifying you live in Carcassonne as you will get everything in French (which I plan to learn to speak this weekend :-)) and no opportunity to change to English or even Australian)

When I fly in from Oz or Africa to Trebes (10 minutes from Carcassonne), its usually to Toulouse as there are more carriers and its an international airport, then hire a car there and drive - about 1-1.5 hour drive and once you get out of Toulouse itself, the drive is well sign posted and pretty easy.

I dont know any real estate agents there but the one I used in Trebes has been very very good so could refer you in case she knows someone or they cover Carcassonne as well


Hello William and congratulations on making your dream come true.

You've probably checked this site already but if not here's a link to Jet2 with direct flights from Leeds to Toulouse. They only seem to fly weekly (I only had a quick look - they're offering 'bargains') but that will give you a chance to have a good look round the area, see if it suits your needs and dreams and perhaps see several properties that are available.

Best of luck.