How do I mark a post a solved/accepted solution

I recently made a request for help and received many, many helpful comments. Unfortunately the discussion now has completely changed by people replying.
Is there a way that I can either mark the post as solved, or perhaps remove the the post completely.
Thanks in advance everyone, oh and happy bank holidays!!!


It’s called ‘thread drift’ Anna.:grinning:

Are you new to forums Anna? :grin:

Yes, I am. Sorry if I have committed the ultimate ‘faux pas’

I wouldn’t worry about it, trying to stop threads drifting is the proverbial cat herding challenge. You can mute the thread (little buttons below post) so it doesn’t show up anymore when you open the forum.

IIRC there used to be a facility to mark a thread as ‘answered’ but that was probably removed a little while back in a software update.
An alternative would be to address a post to a member of the Team and ask them to lock the thread.

It’s okay getting admin to lock a thread, but what if people ( not the OP ) are enjoying the discussion? Better the OP takes what they have learned ,perhaps with thank you message ,and allows the thread to continue


I love thread drift.


One of my favourite drifts…