How do I register my UK car in France without a V5?

I have an old London taxicab. I don’t have a V5 document for it, because I brought it over here not knowing that the doc I did have had to be sent off to the DVLA. When I did send it they said I couldn’t have a V5 as the car isn’t registered at a UK address.

I can’t MOT it over here without a V5. Without an MOT I can’t register it here and insure it. Although I can insure it on month by month emergency insurance at 250Euro a time :shock:

I bought it to drive it and love it to bits - so any ideas what I can do without a V5?

hi nikki, here is the link of FFVE to obtain the grey card collector:
good luck

Thanks all - I need to be able to drive the car all over, but the prefecture collection card may be a good short term measure - thanks :slight_smile:

The thought of having to go through buying a wreck and where to start etc brings me out in a cold sweat LOL

nikki, it 's possible to ask to “préfecture” a collection card " it’s a special card which authorise you to drive your old car just in your" departement ". it 's not necessary to have the V5 to obtain it. regards

Well done Mrs Bosser!

I’ve always wanted a taxi too - they are great cars.

hi Nikki, I had a london taxi cab and the same problem with papers; the only solution is to buy a taxi cab 's wreck "épave " with a french registration and grey card . You buy it a low price and sign the sold certificate with the owner . then you put the body number plate (constructor’s plate) and the registration plate of the french cab in your own car . You use the sold certificate and grey card to pass the technic control. then it will be possible to have the new papers. I have done like this and what a pleasure to drive the taxi careless!