How do I register my UK car in France without a V5?

(Nikki Pilkington) #1

I have an old London taxicab. I don’t have a V5 document for it, because I brought it over here not knowing that the doc I did have had to be sent off to the DVLA. When I did send it they said I couldn’t have a V5 as the car isn’t registered at a UK address.

I can’t MOT it over here without a V5. Without an MOT I can’t register it here and insure it. Although I can insure it on month by month emergency insurance at 250Euro a time :shock:

I bought it to drive it and love it to bits - so any ideas what I can do without a V5?

(BOSSER Magali) #2

hi nikki, here is the link of FFVE to obtain the grey card collector:
good luck

(Nikki Pilkington) #3

Thanks all - I need to be able to drive the car all over, but the prefecture collection card may be a good short term measure - thanks :slight_smile:

The thought of having to go through buying a wreck and where to start etc brings me out in a cold sweat LOL

(BOSSER Magali) #4

nikki, it 's possible to ask to “préfecture” a collection card " it’s a special card which authorise you to drive your old car just in your" departement ". it 's not necessary to have the V5 to obtain it. regards

(Catharine Higginson) #5

Well done Mrs Bosser!

I’ve always wanted a taxi too - they are great cars.

(BOSSER Magali) #6

hi Nikki, I had a london taxi cab and the same problem with papers; the only solution is to buy a taxi cab 's wreck "épave " with a french registration and grey card . You buy it a low price and sign the sold certificate with the owner . then you put the body number plate (constructor’s plate) and the registration plate of the french cab in your own car . You use the sold certificate and grey card to pass the technic control. then it will be possible to have the new papers. I have done like this and what a pleasure to drive the taxi careless!