How do President Hollande’s tax reforms impact you?

M. Hollande’s tax agenda has already targeted wealth and succession taxes and non-resident property owners. Tax on income and savings will come next. Wealthier households are facing substantial tax hikes.

Blevins Franks are holding seminars to explain these tax reforms and how they can impact your wealth. Entitled “Protecting your wealth has never been more important”, the seminars are being held as follows:

St Tropez on 19th September

Valbonne on 20th September

Monte Carlo on 21st September

Rob Kay & Mike Marsden

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Avignon on 3rd October

Baillargues on 4th October

Stuart Stojkovic

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Carcassonne on 4th October

Biarritz on 5th October

Mary Taylor

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Bergerac on 9th October

Cahors on 10th October

Nick Pasco

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Châtellerault (near Poitiers) on 10th October

Bellême (near Alençon) on 11th October

Lorient on 12th October

Brad Warden

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Contact the local Blevins Franks Partner as above for information and to reserve your places. Alternatively click here to reserve your place online.

President François Hollande commenced his programme of tax reforms with the second Rectificative (supplementary) Finance Bill for 2012 which came into effect on 18th August 2012.

The tax rises are split fairly equally between households and businesses, but for households, the lion’s share will be borne by those with large assets and/or high incomes.

M. Hollande had outlined various tax reform plans during his electoral campaign. They have not all been included here, so the rest are expected to apply from 2013. This gap may provide key opportunities to plan ahead. If you cannot attend a seminar, please feel able to contact us to undertake an initial personal review, to establish exactly how these proposed tax changes will affect you, and for advice on protecting your wealth from the onslaught of tax rises in France.

The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice.

[SOURCE] Mary Taylor - Blevins Franks

Dear David,

The Trust debacle is horrendous isn't it!? To keep Trustees in the dark as to what and how to report until 2 weeks before the deadline is appalling. Thankfully we were able to review our Trust clients last year, and as such will only need to make one report for them. On review of personal objectives, and with the changes in UK and France, most of the Trusts had no tax savings left at all and so were dismantled.This has kept costs down to far far less than you seem to have paid.Not even reaching 4 figures! However you were right to seek professional advice. There are still ways of saving tax available, and we may yet see a reintroduction of the bouclier fiscal which would be interesting. If you or anyone wants me to make an intial assessment at my expense,to see if there is anything to take advantage of or avoid a pitfall you maybe had not understood, then please do feel able to message me and I will call you. Both my seminars are in wonderful locations and I will feed and water you !! Keep booking your places :) Kind regards, all

Dear Maria,

I can of course send you notes, but it may be better if we cintact each other to go through how any of this impacts you. I find that general information can lead people to assume they have no issues or opportunity to save unnecessary tax and succession events. Just message me your contact details and I will sort this out for you.


I'll do my best!

Thanks James that would be great, but if you can't.... just a summary of the points would be helpful and then we could perhaps discuss it....

Just a general point- we have had to spend about £4k on lawyers fees already as a result of the changes and re-organise a UK trust. If there are any other people out there on this blog trust declarations have to be made every year now and there is a revised deadline on 30 September, which I am taking steps to meet! I also know that there are to be more tax hikes on income from property and financial investments which may affect many ex-pats in France. Trust capital outside France which is not a lifetime income beneficiary's to spend is also subject to ISF in France. One has to take pretty prudent assumptions regarding any increase in asset values that may occur outside France, and the multiplier that will apply in connection with the exchange rate. Now is the time to be thinking about donations before the 31 December deadline. Above all I am no expert but you need expert advice and the situation seems to be changing all the time. If Hollande doesn't get you the lawyers and tax specialists will- maybe both!

I'll ask Mary if we can video it Maria

thanks James...

Hi Carol, they're free, you just need to reserve a place online using the link above.

Hi James, unfortunately none are near us...will you give us a summary of the seminar SVP????

Hi James...what is the cost of the seminars please?

I'll be attending the Biarritz seminar on the 5th of October, anyone else going?