How do you keep your electricity costs down?

Back in the day when I was still wet behind the ears, my first winter in France resulted in a whacking great EDF bill. (It happens when you turn electric heaters on in September and turn them off in March...)

After the pain incurred in paying that off over a two year period (it was that big!), I've been careful ever since.

Even so, the bills are still always larger than I would like. Anyone got any good energy saving tips they would like to share?

Even though water heaters are pre-insulated, wrap a sheet of roof insulation around the tank. Even if there is only a minor amount of heat loss, the extra layer should help stop the element having to constantly 'top up' the extra 1 or 2 degrees.

If we are going to have an evening in front of the telly, we have the heating on before we do so, then turn it off and snuggle down on our individual settees with our own individual blankets!