How do you obtain the form for the SARF when selling in Fran

My question follows the sale of a house in France.
Would anyone know how to obtain the forms required for the SARF in order to be given money retained by the notary until you can prove you’re a British tax payer and have no link to the French tax system?
We’ve tried to get one / them from HMRC, but it seems impossible when you are a pensioner. None of their forms seems to apply.
Thank you to anyone who can shed light on this request from the SARF and find a solution to relieve the stress it’s causing to the person concerned.

A very kind woman shared her experience of jow to get this form last year. Hopefully nothing has changed.

Start here

Under contents select - Check online… do this via the online form ( it will take a lot longer by post) Should now say- Normally working in 2 or more countries ………Switzerland . Ignore the fact this doesn’t look as if it applies to sale of a second home.

Click on start now

Complete the info requested. After a few boxes you get to PDA1 or E101 just click onwards, , for start date I just put date applying and NO for when employment ending. Keep answering questions and eventually get to a question that’s relevant ie have you been asked to get the form = yes.

Then it asks country = France.

A couple more questions later finally get to where you can type in a box why you need the form and this is where we have put in sale of second home and needing proof in uk social system . More questions then finally can press submit.

Thank you very much for answering so quickly and for the information. Fingers crossed!