How do your children measure up?

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my kids are slim but very tall. my son is wearing clthes for a 12 year old and hes 8 so often the clothes around the waist are too big for him.

I have to buy 2 lots of karate gear for him one with a 160 top which drowns him so he can use the trousers and one with 140 top (trousers are way too small but the top fits him if not a bit short of the sleeve.

My daughter is 6 and is currently in 9 to 10 year old clothes same problem round the waist.

Shoes the same such big feet.

I remember being amazed at the tiny feet of my English grandmother (size 2)… and mine seemed enormous beside hers…

So many old properties have low doorways, which tell us that those folk were definitely smaller than we are… I wonder when it will become the “norm” for someone to be 6ft tall… ?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: