How do your pets/animals cope with the snow?

Just wondering… if I don’t want to go out in the snow… how do the pets cope?

Don’t like :wink:

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Depends, all my dogs have seemed at least to enjoy it a bit. The cats generally seem indifferent but I had one who absolutely loved snow and rushed around playing in it, catching snowflakes, pouncing on unseen or imaginary creatures under it…

Rather be inside with her teddy tiger :joy:

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Couldn’t be happier!

Well, I’m glad to see some are enjoying themselves. Friends are due back from UK soon and I know their little Jack Russell will enjoy our snow…

Keep warm, everyone… night, night.

What pretty and unusual markings :relaxed:

No idea why my comment appeared twice…

She is a sweet little thing that was one of yet another litter of kittens from a neighbours cats. Finally after 3 years she has trusted me enough to come inside, let me brush her, pet her and above all take her to the vet’s to be sterilised and have her back paw looked at. Vet says she must have been caught in a snare at one time, that is why part of her back foot is missing. She limps a lot but seems to be enjoying life here. She has really taken to my mum, who is also handicapped, so all in all worked out well :slight_smile:

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Harry… how are your dogs coping with the snow… or hasn’t it arrived where you are ??? :grinning: