How does heures creuses work i.e. is there less amperage at night

Hello, faced with what I believe will be a large bill this year could someone tell me if the hours of saving are supplied at a cheaper rate because there is less kW amperage to be used. The reason I ask is that if I run a tiny night storage heater, one larger one and the water tank at these times - low and behold the water does not run as hot during the next day as it does when I leave the heater tank on all the time.

Ideas for electrical saving would be wonderful please. We are as insulated as we can be. We use the right light saving bulbs, turn off TV's etc., but to no avail. Help. Our house is a large 1960's concrete floored (monstrosity) but we have lined and plasterboarded where possible and insulated where possible. Installed double glazing, put carpets on some of the walls. What to do eh?

Thank you.

Thanks to all for clearing this up for me, I believe we will go down the path of buying a bigger tank as ours is only 150 I believe. Therefore my dear husband has got the Brico Depo catalogue on his knee now. Thanks again - what a lovely network this is.

I agree, no change other than price. Our water also stays hot all day, in fact too hot! But the water here is heated to a temperature to avoid any cause for legionnaires, I believe.

already been said, but just to add - it's the same as "off peak" in the UK and there's no difference except the price. the water isn't as hot as it doesn't have enough time to heat up on heures creuses only. might be worth changing the heating element or better still, install a new tank that performs better and better meets your needs ;-)

We have a recent meter and Panel and the actual time for HP and HC are set automatically by EDF remotely. The hours used to be 0200-0700 and 1400-1700 but last time I read my bill it had reduced to 2400-0800, with the newer meters it is possible to check the consumption by pressing buttons.

Because I heat my water exclusively on HC I have an automatic switch on the fuse box that turns the water heater ( and anything else connected to that circuit) on and off at the appropriate times, again AFAIK the switch recognises the EDF settings

Heures Creuses (HC) are typically "off peak rates" from about 2230 hrs - 0630 hrs, dependant on region, & simply record ALL your household consumption between these periods. This is then charged at a cheaper rate than normal daytime rates , Heures Pleines (HP)

Our last bill showed HC @ 0,05710 & HP @ 0,09230 . Both are euros per kWh ( kilowatt hour)

I can't explain you water heating problem. We have a 230 litre tank fed solely on HC & we never run out of hot water, even when our 3 teenage grandkids + parents visit.

You should be able to tell what hours your meter is set for HC by pressing buttons on it but if you are not sure ask EDF to visit & verify it,s set right.

Hope this helps

AFAIK there is no difference between the Electricity Heurs Creuse and Plein, except the price :-)

How big , and how well insulated, is your water tank?