How does it work?

Hello, I am new on this forum (refugee from AI) I was trying to follow the thread on school bullying but I do not seem to be able to get it in chronological order, any help?

Also is there a spellcheck anywhere?

Thank you

On the bright side, Dominique, when you've got your head around the concepts of "flat" and "threaded" formats and the distinction between forums and networks, you'll find quantum mechanics a walk in the park.


Hi Nicole - yes there is a way. Except now I'm on this page so I apologise in advance in I don't remember exactly the wording on the "latest activity" posts.

If you see on the activity list "Joe Bloggs replied to the How do I do this discussion" both "replied" and "How do I ..." are direct links. If you click on "replied" you'll go direct to that comment. If you click on "How do I ..." you'll go to the start of the discussion.

Hope that makes sense but any problems shout.

Hi, I too am having problems with reading the forum/network. I understand that perhaps someone can reply to a post earlier on in a thread and then that post shows up in the "Latest Activity" as a recent post, but when I click on that link in the "Latest Activity" it doesn't take me to the new post but the original one on the first page. So for me I have no idea where this was posted and for example the initial post may have started in 2010!

Therefore for me, it is a matter of looking though many dozens of posts each time you want to follow which I just no longer can. Am I missing something? Is there another way to go to the latest posting? There are several threads I would love to read and participate in but can't.

Thank you again for all the answers. I am not sure I am less confused. What is a 'Network' as opposed to a Forum?

I purposely never joined any social networks (except for a youthful error to LinkedIn) scared that i was/am by Big Brother and tons of ads falling in my in-box.


  • A flat forum is one where each message is added onto the end of the discussion, with no set relation to any prior messages other than being on the same discussion topic. But, there is normally a feature to 'quote' another user's post, to allow referencing back to other posts.
  • A threaded forum is one where users can specify their message is a reply to an existing message. Threaded forums can display relationships between message topics and associated replies, such as by indenting replies and placing them below the post they reference. Threaded forums are most commonly used for discussions where individual messages tend to be short.

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I brought this up a few months ago and was shot down in flames by some of the hardened regulars here. I would like to contribute more here, but just find it all too confusing . I think it is ok if you have plenty of time on your hands to wade through and follow all the tangents , but I like to pop in and out and get totally lost !!!

thank you to you both, though not very encouraging , my brain is hurting as well.

Dominique,it took me ages to figure it out & I'm still not sure I've cracked it yet, but if you think of it as a dinner party environment where people are going off at tangents all over the place that comes close to it. The main thread seems to continue but people chime in with parallel conversations which are not in chronological order with the main thread but fit perfectly when one realises they are talking to somebody else about something not necessarily pertinent to the main thread . It's what now makes it interesting to me but I agree it's a bugger to follow sometimes. My best advice is to keep looking at the "Latest activity" on the main page where you will see the latest thoughts being expounded. You will have a choice to comment on the main thread or chime in on another parallel conversation which probably won't show at the end of the thread or appear in an apparent chronological order. Did That make any sense? My brain's hurting:-)

Don't know about spellcheck. I make up my own spelling!!