How does the Bricomarche card work?

Intermarche and SuperU cards I use fine, points mean money - ask and they come off your bill. But I haven’t been able to make any use of the “euros” on my Bricomarché card. In fact I am not sure I even understand how the Bricomarche card works. As far as I can read on their site I accumulate “euros” and once I get over 500€ on the card I can get a discount voucher for 10% valid for 3 months. That isn’t especially wonderful or easy to use. Have I still failed to understand how this card works?

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Hello Patrick

Bricomarché cards work like other store cards. Each time you buy something the ‘points’ accumulate ( takes a long time as they aren’t too generous) and you can ask at any time how many euros you have gained with the card. You can then deduct the euros ‘gained’ against your purchases. The 10% is a promotion that arrives at certain times of the year, you have to have a minimum purchase of x euros before you qualify for an extra 10% discount. Hope this makes sense !

Hi Patrick

The Bricomarche card gives you back 10% on future purchases for every 500 euros you spend. You need to create an account on their website and associate your bricomarche card with it so that you can then print off the ‘bons de reductions’.
Once printed, they are valid for 3 months only at the store which your card is registered too.
They do special days where they give you money onto your card depending on how much you spend, and this is actual money that you can use to pay for other goods, although you have to have the full size card to make use of this. Again, you can check how much you have online or this amount also shows on your receipt.

If you sign up for the newsletter you get notified of when the specials are on. You cannot use a bon de reduction when they have the special days when the money goes onto your card, although you do get a double wammy on those days as the spend qualifies for the standard bon de reduction as well as the cashback.

Hope this helps to explain it !