How good a job has Bojo and his team done so far

So it is about time that he was made aware of the consequences of his non action and fast. People are dying and this virus is spreading to younger people and even teenagers and children.
He is a total disgrace and she is welcome to him.

I am sure that such attempts have been made but he is indifferent to them - “I’d rather let the bodies pile high than submit to another lockdown”, if actually uttered by Johnson (seems likely) clearly shows he understood the consequences of not locking down and did not care about the deaths.

The problem is that we (well, not me, but that’s democracy for you) elected a party into government which manifestly does not have the interests of the general population of the UK as their guiding principle. I have no idea how to stop Johnson, or to stop the turkeys voting for Christmas - do you?

The Good Law Project (usually reported on by JW) is trying its best but the last two issues of note - his flat refurb and Hancock’s family bungs of lucrative NHS contracts have both fallen by the wayside (I wonder how that happened?)
The Teflon Tories at their best :roll_eyes:

Yes, I have contributed to their crowdfunding but the government has (effectively) infinitely deep pockets to deflect their actions.

Just when you thought Brexit had achieved maximal doublethink there’s this.

You truly could not make it up

Apologies for the Torygraph link.


Jesus Christ!

what a mucking fuddle…
just as Pritti Awful the @John_Scully favourite announces:

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She really does know how to make herself more endearing!


Although the Government has brought absurdly high figures for the cost of defending their action, in both cases the Judge has capped costs at a much more realistic figure.

It’s a while since I have posted a link to Chris Grey’s excellent blog and commentary on Brexit but this week he really managed to sum up how I feel about the government’s behaviour and persistent lying and how it affects the global view of the UK (or, I suspect, specifically England).

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only to be compounded by the idiot Raab (of “I didn’t realise how significant Calais was to trade with the EU” fame) suggesting that E, Macron is wrong to insist on the UK honouring the treaties it signs :roll_eyes:
He even tries to suggest that Mr Biden is not at all interested in or bothered about the NIP and the potential fall-out.
The guy is a bigger dipstick than I already thought he was.

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I don’t think that it demeans personally those who fought and voted against Brexit. what it does is demean us in the eyes of others who are not privy to our thinking.

I think it demeans us as a nation, though given the stereotypical gammon er Brit abroad is probably already viewed with some disdain, maybe doesn’t lower Europe’s view of our tourists all that much in practice.

A good read every week.

Manu tells it like it is :slightly_smiling_face:

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Macron and Boris :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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Everybody in the room, bar him, thinks he’s a lightweight, lying turd…

Thankfully, post Trump, he’s now the only turd in the village :slightly_smiling_face:


The real problem is that Boris negotiated this agreement without thinking of the consequences, or being warned and ignoring it, for the Good Friday Agreement.
His first mistake was buying votes from the UDP and now he is seen as selling them down the river.
Either way he is not to be trusted.
However, it does appear that the EU are being very pedantic about all of this, as they must have known that this Protocol would need tweaking if the Good Friday Agreement was to be kept to.

I see them as just enforcing the agreement that he was so happy with. There is no need for flexibility particularly if it highlights what a ludicrous mess the UK govt has created in promising the undeliverable.