How good a job has Bojo and his team done so far

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone not involved in the current British government


This latest requirement for people coming to France having to self isolate for 10 days due to the Beta variant appears to be nonsense.
I Iistened to a French medical lady on the Today programme this morning saying that there are no cases of the Beta variant in mainland France at all, it is found on Reunion in the Caribbean.
What’s the betting that the government idiots are using the same data, ie. all overseas Departements are part of legal France , that IDS used to con us out of our Winter fuel Payment?

makes sense (as you often do…)

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Oh my word…

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Very sensible. Just give all the antivax headbangers a “placebo” :wink:

How many people do you think Boris has decided to sacrifice in his latest covid experiment, latitude festival with 40,000 maskless people being the latest big event.
Will it be 5-10-20k dead this wave due to his total disregard for the science just so he can be loved, satisfying and lining the pockets of the dangerous cronies/idiots in his party.
He and his cronies are the biggest danger to the UK since the war and hopefully he will be held accountable, but I doubt it.


Colin he might even get away with it and be hailed as the saviour of the Western economic world.

Now the whole country is his latest covid herd immunity experiment. The number of vaccinations dropping dramatically, people deleting the Covid app so as not to get pinged, so no tracing, drop-off in the rate of sequencing meaning early recognition of spreading variants will be affected, night clubs etc open, no mask mandate, large events encouraged, long covid looming with its disabling consequences, an absent government. So there’s no-one to blame, because it’s the people’s choice now…

Apparently the ones getting pinged are oh-so-reluctantly having to be at home quarantined in this hot weather. Some UK employers are apparently regretting having agreed that if anyone would be pinged they would be on full pay. Other employers are thanking their stars they had insisted on just Statutory Sick Pay…

It’s all getting very complicated!

Yes - the number of vaccinations in the UK has been declining since the end of May, while in France it has continued to increase - France is now administering over 3 times as many vaccinations per day as the UK.

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That is because they still have more to vaccinate.

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My understanding is that this is about demand rather than supply. Every adult over 18 in the UK has been offered the first vaccination and there are lots of campaigns/ reminders to to try to get them to book one. Many are not taking up the offer because they think that if they get Covid it will be a very minor disease. We have been seeing young people on oxygen in hospitals telling other young people to get their vaccinations. You can lead a horse to water… !!!
The stats as at 19 July are on the website, see attached. It will have moved on a bit since then. The headlines are:

“A total of 82,413,766 doses have been administered in the UK, with 46,314,039 people receiving a first dose (87.9%) and 36,099,727 people receiving both doses (68.5%).”

You can criticise BJ and his cronies with impunity (in my opinion!) but the NHS has done an outstanding job to get this many vaccines done in, what, 6 months or so.
Izzy x

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It has, but has happened in other countries - the world beating is wearing a bit thin now with other counties in Europe having done similar or more.

890,000 in France on just 22nd July rapidly catching up with UK. France having administered 76 million doses and doing up to 700,000 more than UK per day so will have done a similar amount in 10 days or so.

Reality is all countries need to get to an appropriate level to get past this.

(I do wonder what Johnson will carp on about in a couple of weeks when there will be quite a list of countries in a better vaccination position)

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That’s an incredible rate and I’m so pleased that France is catching up. I’m longing to visit. I was just giving some context to Geof’s post.
Izzy x

It"s interesting that France and England’s strategies are diverging so quickly.

At least the Public Accounts Committee has made a list of all the money that is being/has been shockingly wasted by the BoJo clown show.


The Good Law Project is on the case, but the mis- spends are so massive and when you add the world beating ‘Test and Trace’ and how much that cost on consultants when there was already a very good system in place locally the mind boggles.

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