How good a job has Bojo and his team done so far

Obvious failings from start to finish.
My new Tory MP voted for the Bill.
Bloody woman.


I think Johnson’s now deliberately attained some sort of Trumpian niveau where he can say anything that comes into his head that will make punchy headlines for an instant in the Murdoch press and then be forgotten.

Meantime, he’s also realised that he doesn’t have the commitment, or strength of character to be a successful PM and is planning to resign and be elevated to the Lords a couple of months after having ‘got Brext done’ (sic - or ‘sick’ if you prefer)

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Jonathan Lis…

Yes, I posted the link in another thread - good article.

Sometimes i wonder if Johnson, in the quiet, with just his own thoughts ever puts his head in his hands and asks “what are we doing” - but then I snap back to the reality that he truly doesn’t care.

As Lis says increasingly the boundaries are being pushed back - with the WA thing not even the destruction of any respect that the UK holds on the international stage will hold Cummings/Gove/Johnson back - mere domestic obstacles such as parliament or the judiciary will be increasingly emasculated and swept aside.

They have their eyes firmly on destroying Labour as a credible opposition as well - FPTP means they only need to maintain typically 40% support to keep their majority.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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Though, by all accounts, it has not been accepted yet.

I am conflicted by this (and previous resignations of senior civil servants) - on the one hand much experience and willingness to challenge government is being lost to be replaced by incompetents whose main distinction is an absolute willingness to toe the party line (Braverman, I’m looking at you); it is playing into Cummings desire to wreck the Civil Service (amongst other institutions). But on the other hand it is comforting to know that some people have a personal sense of honour which means they cannot continue to work in this corrupt government and even some party faithfuls like Keen can be pushed too far.

Sadly I think the best chance now is that as experience and ability gradually leaves the sphere of government the whole edifice collapses under the weight of incompetence.


Made me chuckle!


That must be Cummings’ plan.

Joined up thinking is not something that this rabble are very good at.

The dangers of over promotion. It’s interesting to see what happens when Johnson is forced to answer the awkward questions unlike PMQs.

Questions from Hillary Benn relating to Brexit from 16:15

Evidence is growing that it was bad faith from he start


your link is broken @MichaelL

and nor will he stick to the promise he has given to Tory colleagues (sheep) that Ministers will bring decisions to disregard International Law to Parliament before being taken.
Well, he might, but if voted against he will still do it anyway :roll_eyes:

You know things are bad when articles in the Spectator are starting to call for Johnson to go.

One bit struck me though:

Gove was  right, of course - but you really have to ask yourself why he supported him this time around.


For some reason the link becomes unusable after a couple of minutes. Anyone wishing to watch the meeting - and it’s worth while doing so - go to Parliament TV and look for yesterday’s business.

Liaison Committee

Wednesday 16 September 2020 Meeting started at 3.29pm, ended 5.13pm

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I think that was pretty evident on the approach to the original vote in December as all of the objections disappeared with no significant change to the bill.

Here are the Hilary Benn and Bill Cash sections…

Ah, OK, can’t upload video clips (@james - is this something you would consider looking at?)

They are appalling. Johnson is a shyster and Bill Cash is utterly loathsome.


TBH the fact that I included Cash was fairly random - he just happened to a) be after HB and b) the end point I arbitrarily selected was exactly the end of his “stint” so I just processed the clip as was & popped it up on one of my web servers. In fact I haven’t even had time to watch  the clip yet.

EDIT: OK, watched it now - what an awful, unmitigated pile of piffle and waffle from Johnson. :rage: