How good a job has Bojo and his team done so far

Thanks @Peter_Goble , sadly people often don’t realise this happens,I am of a firm belief that everyone in a public facing role should be vetted for child protection,even if not directly dealing with children


There are times when I wish we could vet SF posters :slight_smile:

Can we keep this civil please people? I suggest that as there is not going to be any agreement on the subject, you move on. Cheers.

or perhaps send some of them to the vets :thinking: :crazy_face:


We ought to be sending Rees-Mogg to the vets, although it is too late with six children.
The thought of six little Rees-Moggs being indoctrinated by this man is appalling.
His disgusting behaviour in the House yesterday when he made light of Scottish fishermen losing their liveihood made me so angry. He got reprimanded by Mr Speaker for claiming that now the fish were British they were much happier.
There is a threat of dumping rotten langoustines in Westminster and I do hope that they know his address.


Good old Lyndsey

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Here is another of BoJo’s plans that have turned to dust.

I heard that these tests have a 3% accuracy rate. Sounds like a recipe for making things a lot worse.

I don’t think that it is as bad as that, but they only pick up very high loads of virus and newly
and can give false negative results, so people think they are safe when they are not.