How good a job has Bojo and his team done so far

Yes I was very impressed with HRH and what she had to say

She’s dead right.

Hopefully folks will listen to her :sunglasses:

Amazing really that it has taken 1784 posts to answer a question that needs just one word - abysmal.

:slight_smile: of course.

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I am considering buying Johnson a £50 Wickes Gift Card.

It could be very lucrative seeing that he allocated so much money to donors supplying non-conforming PPE.

You have to wonder who comes up with these ideas.

Hideous pair of gurning profiteers.

IIRC it was the Tories who expressed horror at Speaker Mick Martin’s expenditure on gold ambellished flock wallpaper for his Grace and Favour apartment in the Palace of Westminster… at least that was for a well renown and respected world heritage site - Downing Street is a tatty little grossly overly extended block of terraced houses :thinking:

Living in France I am more concerned at the mess Macron is making. His handling of Brexit, Covid, vaccination and the EU has been abysmal. Even his father has called him a self serving politician.


Part of me wants to ask, but the rest of me thinks asking would be the worst idea I’d had today…


I’m glad no one asks my father his opinions on how I do my job, I hate to think of his reply :joy:

Would you like to give any examples of how Macron has made a mess of Brexit Elena? BTW, lies from the Telegraph and Mail don’t count.

BTW, Johnson’s Dad was a remainer (and a total bastard, but that’s beside the point) so I guess he’s not too impressed with his lying son :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes his handling. He was obstructive from day one. He had a chance to show reason and leadership and to work as a buffer between the U.K. and Brussels and negotiate. He decided to try to be the Napoleon of Europe. Just look at the mess in France with Brits trying to get cartes and driving licences. The vaccine rollout in France is a disaster because he just could not accept that the U.K. made an effective vaccine and France failed. His comments have added to the mistrust and reluctance of the French to have the AZ or any vaccine.

Not his job, that’s Barnier’s.

We aren’t bothered about it and they can’t vote.

I don’t think so.


Well we will agree to differ.

We aren’t bothered about it and they can’t vote.


I don’t think he was obstructive enough - I would hope he would have pointed out the inevitable disaster Brexit has proved to be.

In terms of Carte de Séjour there has only been an agreement in place for 2 months - it will take a while to sort out but there is progress and will be sorted by deadline. For Driving Licences there is no reciprocal agreement yet with UK.

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With all due respect Elana, you’re spouting twaddle. Stop digging would be my advice.

BTW, you are a guest in France and if you are so unhappy here you know what you can do…

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Don’t waste your time Mat. She’s a Mail reader :joy:


No not a guest. I took up French citizenship in 2017. Hence why I am more interested in what happens in France and not the U.K.