How good a job has Macron done so far?

Prompted by John Scully (age 67 plus) on another topic it seems a good idea to give Mr Macron his own topic.
My take on Macron is that he’s done ok ish but was , like every other world leader thrown into a crisis not of his own making.
He came to power thanks to a welsh lady who put the kybosh on the Republican Party which probably would have taken over the reins at the Élysée Palace from Mr Hollande. Also the annihilation of the Parti Socialiste and the Hobson’s Choice of him or Mme le Pen in the run- off sealed his victory.
He tried very quickly to implement his manifesto promises but his over zealous approach stirred up the hornets nest which is thé gilet jaunes. He eventually realized he was pushing through some policies too quickly and eased off with some U turning. He then wound up the unions with more gung-ho decisions and was ironically, saved by Covid.
He dithered like Boris & co, though not as pitifully with the delayed implementation of lockdown and even managed to send tonnes of PPE stuff to China when it became in very short supply when Covid became more of an urgent dilemma .
He then handled the pandemic competently imo up to the time when vaccines were being developed but declined , in true French style to make a decision on ordering vaccines at a time when Boris saw the potential. France and the EU dallied and now find ourselves in the embarassing situation of Brexit sticking two fingers up to the rest of Europe.
Macron and the EU of which France is one of the major players has ultimately let us down.
I like Macron and most of his ideas but he has lost my vote.


At the beginning I thought he had a good team , when he changed from Phillipe to Castex his credability went as well.

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Does all this prove that France is really ungovernable?

No more so then anywhere else.

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I have seen a difference here, especially in the older age range, who really do not like being told what to do.
We have to ask one of our friends to put her seat belt on every time she , used to, get in our car and this attitude seems to pervade their daily lives.

Hardly makes france ungovernable cos someone won’t wear a seat belt.


I think he is intelligent and as competent as many other leaders, more so than some who will remain nameless on this thread. And had the humility to apologise for messing up at the start of the pandemic.

He has a difficult challenge as the country is divided (aren’t most) but has worked hard to get it right. Which he has mostly done. Changing Philippe for Castex didn’t seem to be a good move. But the financial support he’ s authorised has been generous.

Personally were I to have a vote I would support him, as the country needs stability.


Don’t think so Jane. Macron is a decent chap imo, not yer typical politician. I think his intentions are generally honorable but he had ideas above his station. Being given a mandate with two thirds of the vote doesn’t actually mean much when the opponent was Mme le Pen.
The French people don’t like being pushed like his early attempts to force austerity on his subjects.

I thought he was trying to emulate Napoleon - and the inevitable shitshow that Brexit has and will turn out was entirely down to him and not the lying and corrupt UK govt.

My (non-existent) vote will only be taken from Macron when I see who the single alternative is. Apart from that I agree entirely with Peter.

I like the way Macron explains why such and such… is necessary/unnecessary etc etc… sadly many folk are too daft to understand the logic… :thinking:


How, exactly?

Maybe he cheats at cards?

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He’s the President FFS :roll_eyes:


Immediately made me think…

From this informative thread:

Of course but the two thirds majority was false. Two thirds of the electorate didn’t want him as president but voted to keep Marine out.
Macron , as thé gilet jaune protests showed went too far too quickly which was unacceptable to many. He could have chosen a more softly softly approach and pushed his policies through with some patience.

That’s democracy :thinking:

He did what he said he would do and had the majority to do it.
Who’d be a politician eh? damned if you do, damned if you don’t :upside_down_face:

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The point I’m making is that it was a false majority. Problem he may have is that people will abstain or vote for Marine due to his handling of the vaccines etc, assuming it will be him and Marine in the second round.

I understand that Peter but it’s more than just the Presidential election majority isn’t it… he gained the National Assembly as well following his election otherwise there would have been a hiatus in his program of change.