How long can I to go to the UK without losing residency?

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone knew how long I can go back to the UK to live and work without losing my french residency as I’m currently looking to go back to England for only a year, to then come back and live in France full time again.
I have a 5 year carte de séjour and I was wondering if this is possible.

Thank you in advance to everyone!

Have a read through this thread

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PS this article also might be helpful

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Thank you! I’ll have a look through both.

I heard something on France Inter yesterday or possibly Monday morning about cutting the time people can be out of France yet still get benefits, I don’t know what it now but people will have to be in the country for 9 months/year. You may get the info on replay, it was le 7 - 9.30 la matinale with Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé

Welcome to @cheeseandcrackers and I am pleased to see that you seem to have the information that you need.
So I hope you won’t mind me tagging along with a little question of my own.
I am going to England via the tunnel in 3 weeks time, the first time since the rules for entry and re-entry were changed post Brexit and have a very simple question.
As a British national, long term resident, and worker, with a 10 year CdS, what do I have to carry in order to get out and back in?
Passport, CdS, ticket. All obvious, but is there anything else to remember apart from trying to not get my passport stamped?

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That will do the trick - unless there’s is a Covid outbreak in the mean time and a requirement for proof of vaccination is reintroduced, which I think is very unlikely Indeed.

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Might not hurt to put a copy of a couple of utility bills and your Impôts return for last year in as well. That will show a jobsworth where you live and are legally resident.

I wouldn’t worry about this at all, it means nothing.


6 months, and 1 year only in exceptional circumstances like caring for dying relative.

As said already whether or not your passport is stamped is irrelevant.

And CdS is all you need to get home, and maybe have your CV in your pocket too. But do take a paper copy of your S1 to be sure no problems if you need medical treatment in UK.

All unnecessary. With a British passport you could come in on the 90/180 visa waiver anyway with a credit card in your pocket.

What is important is that your affairs are in order here (which David’s are) as that’ what will count is problems.


If you’ve a 5-year CdS, does this mean you have not been Resident in France for the full 5 years… or have you been here 5 years now and are eligible for the 10-year card (?)

Under 5-years… this comes into play… and it would seem you must not stay out of France more than 6 months in any year…

Perhaps things have changed… as the link dates from 2020… but I seem to recall the 6-month limit from more recent things, but darned if I can find 'em now… aaargh.

Thank you, i’ll have a look!

That’s what is changing, you’ll be allowed to buzz off only for 3 months, with the new rules.


Ah I see well I’ve already been in France for 5 years and I’ve got a new Carte de Séjour this year for another 5 years.

Even if I have already been living in France for 5 years?

Aha… so it’s not the 10 year one for you then…
there are so many variables… you perhaps need to ask an “official”.

disregard the date on this link… it brings up the current programmes… ie today: 31/05/2023 and earlier stuff… just work down the tapes…

EDIT listening to the radio now… fascinating… haven’t found the right morning yet… but enjoying the search… :wink:

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Okay thank you! I’ve tried contacting the prefecture to see if they’d know but they haven’t responded yet.

Your Mairie might know… and/or might be able to help you get the answer…
Frankly, I think 12 months out of France, while you don’t have Permanent status… is a bit of a gamble… but let’s hope it works out ok for you.

So you are not British so are not protected by the Withdrawal agreement with a WARP carte de séjour?

So if this is a renewal after 5 years living here then why haven’t you got a carte de resident longue durée? Which allows you to leave for three years.

What exactly is written on e back of your card?