How long do pellets for the stove last?

Just wondering whether to buy just a few bags to put by, or a pallet load that might last 5+ years. We have a dry cellar to store them in.

My reply might sound flippant but is serious… why not check a packet and see if there is any “use by” date marked…

At a pinch, with a nice dry cellar… why not take a flier, then relax in the knowledge that you can escape a UK winter and enjoy a French winter… all paid for :wink: :wink:

and I’ve just found this …


and as I’ve read elsewhere… in theory they last for ever… BUT… one’s stock of pellets will be ruined if humidity in the air and/or water cause the pellets to expand…


I suppose it depends on how often you light the fire. Like Stella stated, dampness high humidity and they will break down in short time.

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That’s what I’d hoped.

We were going to buy a couple of bags at Autun Bricomarche, but they didn’t have any. My expectation is that they should last 5 years+ stored dry, but there might be reasons why they can’t be kept, and will crumble after 2-3 years. Worth saying that the cellar is dry in the way one would expect of a sous sol, and not dry like a humidity controlled warehouse. We would store them off the floor not touching the walls.

It’s our hope to pop over for the odd Christmas: fly to Lyon and have a car for a few days.

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Stored off the ground and well covered with waterproof sheeting (belt and braces) :wink:

I’d recommend buying a minimum of 10 at once and paying with a carte de fidelité, That amount should fill a car boot and give you enough for a couple of weeks continuous use in mid-winter - though obviously dependent on your pattern of usage. Once you get a handle on that and price movements it should be easier to decide whether or not to buy a pallet - suspect if you’re over at Easter too that’d be enough for four or five years.

If the house isn’t damp, I’d consider half or three quarter filling the hopper before you go back to the UK, so you can either light the stove remotely with an app or as soon as you return. Similarly with the log burner.

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Why does ‘résineux’ seem to be promoted as a good thing for pellets to be?

with the fine particles sticking together to make a pellet… otherwise it’s just sawdust… :wink:


So nothing to do with pressing the wood dust at high pressure causing lignin? Resinous woods burn at higher temperatures giving more heat.

To start with I’d buy a few bags when needed. Old houses like ours weren’t built to be hermetic, so unless well ventilated the humidity will rise and fall quite a bit, the pellets will capture the humidity and store it.
Don’t forget to fully clean out the pellet burner of all the pellets when you leave for a few months, you may come back to find the burner caked up. Buy yourself a few large plastic containers that seal hermetically.